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  1. what is DNS used for
    maps ip to host name
  2. how do you troubleshoot nfs mounts
    • showmount -e <host>
    • ping <host>
  3. daemons for nfs
    lockd, statd, nfsd, mountd, vladd
  4. what does the nsswitch.conf file do?
    tells unix how to resolve passwds, hosts, etc
  5. how do i find out if my interfaces are set for full duplex or not?
    • solaris - ndd -get /dev/hme ? (adv_100fdx_cap; adv_100hdx_cap; adv_autoneg_cap)
    • linux - mii-tool
  6. what command is used to find a linux machine's ip information
    ifconfig -a
  7. how do i set a default route?
    route add default <ip> <metric>
  8. how do i verify my default route?
    netstat -rn
  9. difference between udp and tcp
    • udp - send and forget, unreliable
    • tcp - 3 way handshake, reliable
  10. 7 layers of the OSI model
    • application
    • presentation
    • session
    • transport
    • network
    • data link layer
    • physical
  11. what's a vlan?
    breaks down traffic so it only speaks across certain ports
  12. difference between a hub and a switch
    collision domains
  13. set an ip address on a cisco switch
    Config-if# ip address
  14. verify the cisco switch ip
    Show ip - ip config of switch
  15. dump the config file
    show running-config
  16. What's a computer account and why would i want one?
    allows the computer to authenticate to the domain
  17. how would i find the ip address of a windows machine from the command line?
    ipconfig /all
  18. what's the $ after a share mean?
    it's a hidden, administrative share
  19. what's netbios?
    a NON-routable LAN protocol used in ethernet and token ring
  20. what's WINS?
    creates a computer name -> ip mapping
  21. Difference between native and mixed mode domain model?
    mixed allows pre win2k machines to authenticate
  22. What's the SGA and what's it used for?
    system global area - used to transfer data and information between clients and the database
  23. What's the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup?
    hot is done during normal operation without shutting down
  24. What's a pst file?
    mail files used for microsoft outlook email.
  25. What's NDMP?
    open solution backup protocol
  26. What port does NDMP use?
  27. What's a lun? How is it different from a regular disk?
    it's an "object" on the disk(s). it can encompass multiple disks
  28. What's RAID 4? 
    Single parity, multiple data
  29. How about RAID 5?
    Parity across disks (our diagonal parity)
  30. what is RAID 1?
  31. for veritas, what are volumes made out of?
    • Volumes are made up of plexes
    • Plexes are made up of subdisks
    • Subdisks are made up of VM disks
    • VM disks are made up of real disks
  32. What are three common daemons in veritas?
    • vxiod - veritas io manager (managers reads and writes to volumes
    • vxconfigd - vx object config manager
    • vxrelocd - vx hot swap manager
  33. Where's the veritas config file?
    trick question - there isn't on! vxconfigd watches all.....
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