Met 11&12

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  1. Sunlight/Moonlight (do/do not) have an influence on visibility distance.
    do not
  2. Viz range is improved when looking (down sun/into the sun) and (down moon/into the moon)
    • Down sun
    • Into the moon
  3. the advers effect of precipitation on visibility is enhanced when drops are ?? and ?? spaced.
    • Large,
    • Closley
  4. In Fog, the visibility is less than ?? metres, whereas in mist, the visibility is at least ??? but does not exceed ?? metres.
    • 1000
    • 1000
    • 5000
  5. Haze consists of ??? and relates to a visibility distance of at least ?? metres
    • Dust
    • 1000
  6. The 4 factors required for the formation of radiation fog are?
    • High relative humidity
    • Clear Sky
    • Light wind
    • Stable atmosphere
  7. When the surface cools, it tends to cool adjacent air through (conduction/convection) and if the temp falls below dew point, ?? will form.
    • Conduction
    • Dew
  8. If the surface air is cooled to a temp below dew point and a light wind blows, the associated (convection/mixing) will spread the cold temp through a deeper layer of air and ?? may form.
    • Mixing
    • Radiation Fog
  9. The formation of raditaion fog requires a (radiation/turbulence) inversion, but once the fog has formed, the temp in most of the affected layer tends to become ??
    • Radiation
    • Isothermal
  10. When, after a clear night, fog forms shortly after sunrise, the most likely reason is ?? of moist air in the friction layer.
  11. Radiation fog normally disperses during the ??? morning, and can be accompanied breifly by formation of (low/middle/high) cloud.
    • Mid morning
    • Low cloud
  12. The development of Valley fog (is/is not) enhanced by Katabatic winds.
  13. Sea Fog that is formed over a bay (is/is not) likely to drift inland when the land (warms/cools) sufficiently and this eventuality is more likely during (winter/summer)
    • Is
    • Cools
    • Winter
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