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  1. AA
    atlantoaxial; adjusted age; or active assist
  2. AAA
    abdominal aortic aneurysm
  3. AAOX3
    alert, awake, and oriented to person, place, and time [times three]
  4. ABG
    arterial blood gasses
  5. AC joint
    acromioclavicular joint
  6. ACA
    anterior communicating arter; anterior cerebral artery
  7. ACL
    anterior cruciate ligament
  8. ACVD
    acute cardiovascular disease
  9. ADD
    attention deficit disorder
  10. ADHD
    attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  11. Adm
    admitted on; admission
  12. AE
    above elbow
  13. AEA
    above elbow amputation
  14. AF
    atrial fibrilation
  15. AGA
    appropriate for gestational age
  16. AI
    aortic incompetence
  17. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency disorder
  18. AK
    above knee
  19. AKA
    above knee amputation; also known as
  20. ALS
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  21. ant.
  22. AP
  23. ap
    before dinner
  24. APGAR
    appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiration
  25. ARDS
    acute respiratory distress syndrome; adult respiratory distress syndrome
  26. ARF
    acute renal failure; acute respiratory failure
  27. AS
    aortic stenosis; ankylosing spondylitis
  28. As & Bs
    apnea and bradycardia
  29. ASIS
    anterior superior iliac spine
  30. ASCVD
    arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  31. ASD
    atrial septal defect
  32. ASHD
    atherosclerotic heart disease
  33. ATNR
    asymmetrical tonic neck reflex
  34. AV
    arteriovenous; atrioventricular; aortic valve
  35. BBB
    bundle-branch block;  blood brain-barrier
  36. BE
    below elbow
  37. BEA
    below elbow amputation
  38. BK
    below knee
  39. BKA
    below knee amputation
  40. bl
    blood; bleeding
  41. BLE
    both lower extremities
  42. BMI or bmi
    body mass index
  43. BMR
    basal metabolic rate
  44. BP
    blood pressure
  45. BPD
    bronchopulmonary disease
  46. bpm
    beats per minute
  47. BS
    breath sounds; blood sugar; bowel sounds
  48. BUE
    both upper extremities
  49. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  50. bw
    birth weight
  51. CA or Ca
  52. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft
  53. CAD
    coronary artery disease
  54. CBC
    complete blood count
  55. Cal
  56. cath
  57. CBC
    complete blood count
  58. CBI
    closed brain injury
  59. CC or C/C or cc
    chief complaint; carbon copy
  60. CCU
    cardiac care unit
  61. CF
    cystic fibrosis
  62. CFS
    chronic fatigue syndrome
  63. CHF
    congestive heart failure
  64. CHI
    closed head injury
  65. CICU
    cardiac intensive care unit
  66. CLD
    chronic liver disease
  67. CMV
  68. CN
    cranial nerve, usually followed by the number of the nerve using Roman numerals
  69. CNS
    central nervous system
  70. CO
    cardiac output; carbon monoxide
  71. c/o
    complains of
  72. COD
    co-occurring disorder[psychiatric diagnosis with a chemical misuse diagnosis]
  73. COLD
    chronic obstructive lung disease
  74. Cont. or cont.
  75. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
  76. CP
    cerebral palsy; chest pain
  77. CRF
    chronic renal failure
  78. C&S
    culture and sensitivity
  79. CSF
    cerebrospinal fluid
  80. CT
    chest tube; computerized axial tomography
  81. CTR
    carpal tunnel release
  82. CTS
    carpal tunnel syndrome
  83. CVA
    cerebral vascular accident-stroke
  84. DD
    developmental disabilities; dual diagnosis
  85. DDD
    degenerative disc disease
  86. DDH
    developmental dysplasia of the hip
  87. DF
  88. DIP
    distal interphalangeal joint
  89. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  90. DM
    diabetes mellitus
  91. DMD
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  92. DOB
    date of birth
  93. DOE
    dyspnea on exertion
  94. DT
    delirium tremons
  95. DTR
    deep tendon reflex
  96. DVT
    deep vein thrombosis
  97. EBV
    Epstein Barr virus
  98. ECG or EKG
  99. ECHO or echo
  100. ED
    erectile dysfunction
  101. EEG
  102. EENT
    ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  103. EID
    easily identified depression
  104. ELBW
    extremely low birth weight
  105. EMG
  106. ER
    emergency room; external rotation
  107. ESRD
    end-stage renal disease
  108. ETOH
    alcohol [use or abuse]
  109. FAE
    fetal alcohol effects
  110. FAS
    fetal alcohol syndrome
  111. FBS
    fasting blood sugar
  112. FTT
    failure to thrive
  113. FUO
    fever of unknown origin
  114. G
  115. G-tube
    gastrostomy tube
  116. GA
    gestational age
  117. GB
    gall bladder
  118. GBS
    Guillain-Barre syndrome
  119. GCS
    Glasglow coma scale
  120. GERD
    gastroesophoageal reflux disease
  121. GI
  122. G#P#A#
    number of births, pregnancies, and abortions
  123. Grava
    gravida [number of births]
  124. GSW
    gunshot wound
  125. GU
  126. GYN
    gynecologic; gynecology
  127. H/A or HA
  128. Hams
  129. HB or Hb or Hgb
  130. HBP
    high blood pressure
  131. HBV
    hepatitis B virus
  132. HC
    heel cords
  133. HCVD
    hypertensive cardiovascular disease
  134. HEENT
    head, ear, eyes, nose, throat
  135. HIB
    haemophilus influenza B [vaccine]
  136. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  137. HLT
    heart lung transplant
  138. HNP
    herniated nucleus pulposus
  139. HOH
    hard of hearing; hand over hand
  140. H & P
    history and physical
  141. HPI
    history of present illness
  142. HR
    heart rate
  143. HSV
    herpes simplex virus
  144. Ht
  145. HT
    heart transplant
  146. HTN
  147. IBS
    irritable bowel syndrome
  148. ICA
    internal carotid artery
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