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  1. "quitalo de aquí
    • quita tus cosas de mi escritorio
    • quita la mesa
    • quitar la ropa/las gafas"
    • "get that our of here
    • get your stuff off my desk
    • clear the table
    • to take of clothes/glasses"
  2. fregar
    to wash/scrub
  3. "apresar
    • ser apresado"
    • to seize, grasp, to capture
  4. entregar
    to deliver/hand in
  5. deber
    to owe
  6. arrastrar
    to drag
  7. poseer
    to own
  8. revertir
    to reverse
  9. vaguer
    to laze/slack
  10. rascar
    to scratch
  11. apuntar
    to aim
  12. malgastar
    to waste time/money
  13. te suplico que lo olvides
    I beg you to forget it
  14. impedir
    to prevent
  15. sobreponerse
    to pull oneself together
  16. socavar
    to undermine
  17. dar prioridad a
    to give priority to something
  18. "destacar
    • destacar/ brillar en algo
    • "
    • "to emphasize
    • to excel at something"
  19. barrer/aspirar
    to sweep/to vacuum
  20. inundar (figurative and literal)
    to flood
  21. girar
    to sping
  22. rimar
    to rhyme
  23. "pisar--no preposition
    • dar un paso"
    • "to step
    • to take a step"
  24. emparejarse con otra persona
    pair up with someone
  25. turnarse
    to take turns
  26. añorar
    to long for
  27. cavar
    to dig
  28. desatar/deshacer un nudo
    untie a knot
  29. castigar
    to punish
  30. "zafarse
    • Chandler no puede zafarse de janice"
    • to get rid of a person--chandler can't get rid of Janice
  31. tallar
    to carve/sculpt
  32. diferir (de)
    to differ
  33. reclutar
    to recruit
  34. consistir en
    to consist of
  35. llora de risa
    to die of laughter
  36. apuntar
    • "to make a note of
    • to point out"
  37. llenarse de celos
    to be filled with jealousy
  38. administrar
    to manage
  39. oprimir--oprime aquí
    to press/click
  40. "convencerla de que no lo haga
    • convencer a alguien de que no + subj"
    • "talk her out of doing it
    • to talk one out of doing something"
  41. suavamente/con cuidado
  42. violento/a
  43. inhalar/aspirar/tragarse el humo
  44. el motabolismo
  45. los piratas
  46. bote de remos
    row boat
  47. tostador/horno
  48. "pegarle la pelota
    • Así se le pega a la pelota"
    • "hit the ball
    • This is how you hit the ball"
  49. tirarse al agua
    to dive
  50. meterse en el agua
    to get into the water
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