Wordly Wise lesson 1

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  1. Bewail (v)
    To express deep or great sorrow over something

    • Ex.
    • He bewailed the death of his cat.
  2. Destitute (adj)
    • 1. Without any resouces or possesions, especially the necessities of life
    • Ex.
    • The homeless man was destitute and had nothing to call his except for a tattered blanket.
    • 2. Lacking; devoid of
    • Ex.
    • He was destitute of ideas for his new poem.
  3. Destitution (n)
    • The state of being destitute.
    • Ex.
    • Destitution caused by the famine forced many people to flee their homes for search of a better life elsewhere.
  4. Detract (v)
    • To take away, especially the value, beauty, or importance of something.
    • Ex.
    • The bad paint job destracted from the fancy room.
  5. Detractor (n)
    • One who bellitles the worth of something.
    • Ex.
    • The plans detractors were critical of the expected cost of the new town hall.
  6. Emanicipate (v)
    • To set free from slaveery, to liberate.
    • Ex.
    • Many highschool graduates feel emanicipated when they leave home for college.
  7. Extol (v)
    • To praise highly
    • Ex.  He extolled the pros of his company.
  8. Flamboyant (adj)
    • Excessively showy; unrestrained
    • Ex.
    • They considered her multicolored tutu too flambboyant for the governor's reception.
  9. Impetus (n)
    • A driving force, anything that causes an action
    • Ex.
    • The prospect of getting a laptop provided an impetus for him to study hard and work diligently for the semester.
  10. Insuperable
    • Incapable of being overcome or defeated
    • Ex.
    • While playing the video game, the final bossseemed to be an insuperable obstacle to the finishing of the game.
  11. Intermittent (adj)
    • Not continuous; happening at intervals
    • Ex.
    • The intermittent noises coming from the highway kept me up all night.
  12. Maxim (n)
    • A general truth or rule of conduct; a short saying
    • Ex.
    • Remeber the maxim, "Haste makes waste," and slow down. 
  13. Obligatory (adj)
    • Required or demanded
    • Ex. 
    • There waas no way of shirking the obligatory assagniment that the teacher gave.
  14. Plumb
    • (v)
    • 1. To measure the deapth of the water
    • 2. To reach the deepest part of
    • 3. To understand by examining closely; to solve
    • (adj)
    • 4. Straight up and down; vertical
  15. Vagabond
    • (n)
    • 1. A person that travels from place to place
    • (adj)
    • 2. Inconsistent in location
    • Ex. 
    • The vagabond life of a traveling musician suited the members of the band
  16. Visage (n)
    • A face, especially one that expresses feelings
    • Ex.
    • The sorrowful visage of the puppy brought sympathy to my heart so I fed him a little more food than he should eat.
  17. Wheedle (v)
    • 1. To coax by using sly persuasion or insincere praise
    • Ex.
    • He tried to wheedle his father into lending him the new sports car.
    • 2.To gain by using sly persuasion or insincere praise
    • Ex. 
    • The agent wheedled several thousand dollars from the couple for a life insurance that was practically worthless.
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