functional anatomy of the brain

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  1. cerebral hemispheres
    most superior part of the brain, enclose and obscure the brain stem
  2. somatic sensory area
    located in the parietal lobe, impulses from sensory receptors are localized and interpreted in this part of the brain (allows you to recognize pain, coldness, or a light touch)
  3. occipital lobe
    the visual area is located in the occipital lobe
  4. temporal lobe
    the auditory area is in the temporal lobe
  5. frontal lobe
    the primary motor area that allows us to consciously move our skeletal muscles
  6. Broca's area
    damage to this area causes inability to speak properly
  7. speech area
    located at the junction of the temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes; allows us to sound out words
  8. corpus callosum
    connects the cerebral hemispheres

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functional anatomy of the brain
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brain anatomy

chp7:the nervous system
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