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  1. The Fool

    New direction

    Soul, new direction in life, the choice is yours.

    Soul, needs new direction in life, but is not going forward. Risk for it.
  2. The Magician

    Creative effort

    You have the ability to transform your dreams into reality. Creative ability

    Assert more strongly the creative solution.
  3. The High Priestess

    Intuitive understanding

    Pay attention to your inner intuition. Focus, relax, receive. There is more to the situation than you think.

    Your inner intuition is blocked. Focus more deeply to discover your hidden potentials.
    • Empress
    • Abundance
  4. Abundance, growth, giving sustainance
  5. Your potential abundance is being partially blocked.
    • Emperor
    • Established discipline
  6. Disciplinary, directive action. 
  7. Need for more solid framework, discipline, and discrimination
  8. Faith
  9. Spiritual guidance
  10. Spiritual guidance, rules to live by. 
  11. You are not following the norms needed to live fully
  12. The Lovers
  13. Higher choice
  14. Choice of the higher over the lower 
  15. Choosing the lower instead of the higher, or the higher choice is not clear to you.
  16. The Chariot

    Scattered energies

    Energies tend to be scattered. Focus them and victory will be yours. 

    Not focusing on the one, important, productive effort.
  17. Strength
  18. Will power
  19. Conquer through strength, will power, and discipline.
  20. You need to exert more will power and discipline.
  21. Hermit
  22. Inner wisdom
  23. Go within to find out the best course of action, or the highest wisdom. 
  24. Reacting unwisely to the situation rather than reflecting on it first.
  25. The Wheel
  26. Significant change
  27. There is significant change for the better.
  28. Significant change for the worse
  29. Justice
  30. Purifying karma
  31. What good you have reaped, you now will sow. 
  32. The bad that comes into your life is the result your past thoughts and actions. Learn from it.
  33. Hanged Man
  34. Surrender
  35. Look beyond your own self's desires to the highest good.
  36. More of a need to surrender what ego wants
  37. Death
  38. Radical transformation
  39. Uncomfortable transformation from lower to higher.
  40. Transformation from lower to higher is barely tolerable.
  41. Temperance
  42. Harmony
  43. Harmony within feelings and relationships.
  44. Seek more harmony in your feelings and relationships
  45. Devil
  46. Trapped
  47. Whatever it is that makes us feel trapped. This can foster growth.
  48. Trapped, and very difficult to see a way out.
  49. The Tower
  50. Dependencies hit
  51. Disasterous event in one's life. What you have build and are dependant on gets hit. Find one's true values.
  52. Your dependences have been hit, and you see no way out. There is, though, through examining your values.
  53. The Star
  54. Hope
  55. A gift of hope in a renewed life.
  56. Things look hopeful, but you still need to attend to problems.
  57. The Moon
  58. Emotional Downer
  59. It looks dark and depressing, but go forward to get better. Karmic influence.
  60. The dark mood clouds one's vision, and you cannot see ahead. Seek outer advice and help.
  61. The Sun
  62. Optimism
  63. Renewal of optimism, energy, clear vision.
  64. There is some blockage to a renewal of optimism
  65. Judgment


    You apply the lessons of the past.

    You tend to ignore the lessons from the past.
    • World
    • Renewal
  66. Attainment of the old, a beginning of the new.
  67. Can't quite let go of the old life and embrace the future.

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