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  1. Ace of Wands -- Beginning of Energy, growth, enterprise

    New Growth

    A dynamic and important beginning of a growth project.

    The beginning growth endeavor has trouble getting started.
  2. Two of Wands -- Balance of Energy, growth, enterprise
  3. Dominion
  4. One has the power to control the situation with creative effort
  5. One needs to apply more control to the situation.
  6. Three of Wands -- Stability of  Energy, growth, enterprise
  7. Initial result
  8. A completion of a project, beginning phase, though.
  9. Project not yet finished, some more to go on it.
  10. Four of Wands -- Flaw of Energy, growth, enterprise
  11. Growth weakness
  12. Something needed is missing for further growth. Find it
  13. What is missing from this enterprise is hard to find.
  14. Five of Wands  -- Challenge of Energy, growth, enterprise
  15. Outgunned
  16. Intimidating challenges to growth. Apply discipline
  17. One's growth being overwhelmed or outgunned by intimidating obstaces
  18. Six of Wands -- A step towards Energy, growth, enterprise
  19. Way to success
  20. A good step to success
  21. A step in the wrong direction for success.
  22. Seven of Wands -- Expression of  Energy, growth, enterprise
  23. Accomplishment
  24. One has achieved a positive accomplishment in his enterprise
  25. One is almost at what he wants to accomplish in his enterprise. Work harder.
  26. Eight of Wands -- Excess of Energy, growth, enterprise
  27. The gambler. Risk carefully. Excess energy.
  28. Out on a limb with this effort. You gamble -- odds are good that you will win.
  29. Watch your actions. They are risky and prone to failure
  30. Nine of Wands -- Milestone of Energy, growth, enterprise
  31. Peak accomplishment
  32. A peak accomplishment. Congratulations! 
  33. Almost there -- a peak accomplishment is just waiting for more effort on your part.
  34. Ten of Wands -- Completion of Energy, growth, enterprise

    Completion of enterprise

    The enterprise is successfully completed, brought to its final fruition.

    • The project is
    • completed -- not all that it could have been.
  35. Page of Wands -- Nurture the Energy, growth, enterprise
  36. Nuturing of the enterprise
  37. A child, inner child, or quality that needs nurturing of a creative, energetic idea or energetic child
  38. Child or enterprise proceeding without the necessary nurturing.
  39. Knight of Wands -- Seeker of Energy, growth, enterprise
  40. Adventurer
  41. A young man or quality in one’s life that one is seeking for in the next challenge or adventure, an adventurer.
  42. Boisterous, inappropriate, undependable person.
  43. Queen of Wands -- Master of self as Energy, growth, enterprise

    Warm, creative ruler

    Mature, responsible woman or quality in one’s life of warm, creative, loyal, strength. One can rule by self or by sharing with another.

    Untrustworthy, undependable person of support
  44. King of Wands -- Master of environment as Energy, growth, enterprise
  45. Entrepreneur
  46. Mature, responsible man or quality in one’s life of an entrepreneur: a passionate, free starter of new projects, doesn’t like to take orders.
  47. Person or entrepreneureal enterprise that is has gone too far or not far enough.

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