Chem Groups and the Table

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    • Group 1: Alkali
    • Group 2: Alkaline
    • Group 6: Stinkogen
    • Group 7: Halogens
    • Group 8: Noble Gases
  2. Metals that react vigorously and dissolve readily in water to form strongely basic solutions and M+ ions. These metals are often so soft that they can be cut with a butter knife
    Group 1
  3. Metals that react slowly to dissolve in water to form weakly basic solutions and ions M2+
    Group 2
  4. Non-metals that react with Group 1 metals to form compounds have the ion X2- & formula M2X
    Group 6
  5. Non metals that react with Group 1 metals to form salts having the ion X- and formula MX
    Group 7
  6. Non metals that do not react with anything (except fluorine and very strong oxidizers)
    Group 8
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