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  1. Objective of Network Management
    -Deal with the complexity of managing networks using automated tools.

    -Keep performance at the maximum rate with high productivity and efficiency
  2. Function of Performance Management
    Assessing the network behaviour and its effectiveness to deliver packets

    Conducting a stress test on a pilot network to determine how well it functions under various condition
  3. Function of Fault Management
    -Finding network problems that reduce avaliability
  4. Function of Accounting Management
    -Tracking and biling users for network resources according to use
  5. Function of Configuration Management
    Managing variables that need to be set for a device to sunction the way you expect it to

    Managing inventory and Cisco IOS software version
  6. Function of Security Management
    -Detecting intrusion into a network
  7. SNMP Manager
    Provide several methods and tools to create a network map
  8. Accounting/ Performanace Manager
    Provide visibility into the network usage
  9. Configuration Manager
    Enable the administrator to schedule configuration changes to multiple devices
  10. Syslog Server(s)
    Centrally log and analyze configuration events and system error messages, such as router configuration changes
  11. AAA Server
    Enable the network administrator to identify users, including login and password dialog, challenge and response.
  12. NTP Server
    Enable devices to have their time synchronized so that the network administrator can accurately correlate information between devices.
  13. Terminal Server
    Enable the network administrator to remotely dial in and configure a router when normal connectivity to the router is lost.
  14. What is a Network Management System?
    It is a collection of tools integrated to monitor and control the network.

    It provides a single operator interface for performing most or all network management tasks.

    It is usually configured to monitor critical devices and services and to initiate visual and audible alarms when it detects a problem.
  15. What are the software components of a Network Management System (NMS) and the function each provides?
    NMP => GUI, Network Map, DBMS, Event Log

    NMA => Software to manage specific set of devices or services developed by network device vendors.
  16. Describe how network maps can be used to support the activities of fault and configuration management.
    Fault management helps to isolate the case of the fault configuration management; it shows physical and local configuration of the network pictorially.

    Performance management shows current performance of devices and links.
  17. Describe briefly the steps involved in seting up a network management system.
    Identify the devices on the data network. You will need to discover whether each of these devices is manageable by any network management protocols.

    Prioritize the mission-critical devices.

    Prioritize the functional areas of network management for your organization.

    Find network management applications that help perform your key areas of network management for your devices.

    Select the network management platform.
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