Verbow Kernowek Diwedhes

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  1. bos
    to be
  2. gul, gwra, gwres
    to do
  3. mos, a, gyllys
    to go
  4. don, deg, degys
    to carry
  5. dos, deu, devedhys
    to come
  6. aj(w)on, ajwon, aswonys
    to know, recognise
  7. dalla, dalleth, dallethys
    to begin
  8. dan(v)on, dan(v)on, denvenys
    to send
  9. debry, deber, debrys
    to eat
  10. desky, desk, deskys
    to learn
  11. deskydnya, deskydn, deskydnys
    to descend
  12. dauncya, dauns, dauncys
    to dance
  13. drei, dro, dreys
    to bring
  14. dyllo, dyllo, dyllys
    to edit; issue; release; publish; set off (a gun)
  15. eva, ev, evys
    to drink
  16. fia, fi, fiys
    to flee
  17. gallos, gell, -
    to be able
  18. gelwel, galow, gelwys
    to call
  19. gwari, gwari, gwariys
    to play
  20. gweles, gwel, gwelys
    to see
  21. gwaya, gway, gwayys
    to move
  22. gweskel, gwesk, gweskys
    to hit; strike
  23. hedhy, hedh, hedhys
    to stop
  24. helhy, helgh, helhys
    to hunt
  25. cana, can, kenys
    to sing
  26. cawos, kyv, kevys
    to find; get
  27. clappya, clapp, clappyes
    to chatter; gabble; talk
  28. kelly, kell, kellys
    to lose
  29. ker(dh)es, ker(dh), ker(dh)ys
    to walk
  30. clowes, clow, clowys
    to hear
  31. codha, codh, codhys
    to fall
  32. cowsel, cows, cowsys
    to speak
  33. creia, crei, creiys
    to call, shout
  34. creji, crej, crejys
    to believe
  35. contel, contel, contellys
    to gather
  36. cosca, cosk, coskys
    to sleep
  37. ladra, lader, ledrys
    to steal
  38. leverel/lawl, lever, leverys
    to say
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Useful and important Late Cornish verbs (list by Albert Bock).
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