Word Smart 9

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  1. Archetype
    An original model or pattern
  2. Artful
    Crafty; wily; sly
  3. Benign
    Gentle; not harmful; kind; mild
  4. Bucolic
    Charmingly rural; rustic; country like
  5. Conjecture
    To guess; to deduce or infer on slight evidence
  6. Didactic
    Intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
  7. Extrapolate
    To project or deduce from something known; to infer
  8. Fauna
  9. Guile
    Cunning; duplicity; artfulness
  10. Heyday
    Golden age; prime
  11. Ignominy
    Deep disgrace
  12. Impervious
    Not allowing anything to pass through; impenetrable
  13. Impugn
    To attack; especially to attack the truth or integrity of something
  14. Luminous
    Giving off light; glowing; bright
  15. Libel
    A written or published falsehood that injures the reputation of, or defames, someone
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