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  1. Adage
    (n.) wise saying
  2. Bonanza
    (n.) something very valuble
  3. Churlish
    (adj.) hard to work with, rude, lack of manners
  4. Citadle
    (n.) protects the city

    Ex. Superman
  5. Collaborate
    (v.) to work with, together
  6. Decree
    • (n.) in order of haveing the force of law
    • (v.) to command firmly or forsefully
  7. Discordant
    (adj.) MAKEING CONFLICT!!!
  8. Evlove
    (v.) to rise to a higher level
  9. Excerpt
    • (n.) a passage taken form a book
    • (v.) to quote
  10. Grope
    (v.) to search bindly and uncertinly
  11. Hover
    (v.) to move back and forth uncertianly
  12. Jostle
    (v.) to bump or shove
  13. Laggard
    (n.) a person who moves slowly

    (adj.) slow to move
  14. Plaudits
    (n. pl.)    applause
  15. preclude
    (v.) shut out
  16. Revert
    (v.) return
  17. Rubble
    (n.) broken stone 
  18. Servile
    (adj.) relating to a slave
  19. Vigil
    (n.) a watch, especially at night
  20. Wrangle
    • (v.) to argue in a noisy way
    • (n.) a noisy quarrel
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