Chapter 2 Us history 1865

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  1. 1607
    jamestown founded virginia
  2. 1619
    first africans brought to virginia
  3. 1620
    pilgrims landed at plymouth rock on the mayflower
  4. 1626
    Peter minuit purchased manhattan from the natives for goods equeal to twelve beaver pelts
  5. 1630 
    puritans arrived in massachusetts bay
  6. 1632
    maryland founded by george calvert as a planned refuge for catholics
  7. 1636
    harvard founded as a puritan theological seminary
  8. 1642
    puritans gained control in england and end persecution of puritans
  9. 1649
    maryland toleration act
  10. 1660
     execution of mary dyer
  11. 1663
    carolina founded as a propretary colony
  12. 1670
    settlement started near present day charleston sc
  13. 1675
    England defeated the netherlands in a war and gained permanent control of the colony on the hudson, renamed new york
  14. 1681
    king charles ii granted a charter for a colony to Willliam penn
  15. 1688-1691
    Glorious revolution in england installed protestant william of orange to the throne, and england passed religious toleration while maryland deposed the calverts and ended religious toleration
  16. 1692
    witch trials in salem village
  17. 1733
    georgia founded as a colony for the deserving poor
  18. 1738
    mose was founded by the spanish in florida as a community of runaway english slaves
  19. 1739
    stono rebellion
  20. 1741
    new york conspiracy trials
  21. Jamestown
    first successful english colony founded at jamestown virginia april 26 1607
  22. captain john smith
    english leader in jamestowns early years 1608-1609
  23. john rolfe
    english colonist who planted the first tobacco crop in 1612 and married powhatan princess pocahontas
  24. indentured servitude
    temporary slavery normally entered into voluntarily by contract
  25. powhatan
    virginia native american tribe in the area around jamestown also the name of the chief of the tribe until his death in 1618
  26. pocahontas
    daughter of chief powhatan who married english planter john rolfe
  27. george calvert
    founder of the colony of maryland
  28. cecilius calvert
    son of george calvert proprietor of maryland who ensured religious freedom in maryland
  29. william of orange
    englands protestant king in 1689
  30. maryland toleration act 
    1649 act declaring freedom of worship for all christians in maryland
  31. matthias de souza
    african american that voted in maryland in 1647
  32. margaret brent
    woman that voted in maryland in 1647
  33. proprietary colonies
    colonies where one or more individuals are granted the privileges of the state
  34. middle passage
    the slave journey aboard sailing ships from africa to the new world
  35. seasoned slaves
     slaves that had one year in the new world, giving them a freater market value
  36. mose
    a settlement begun by the spanish in florida in 1738 for slaves escaped from the british
  37. stono rebellion
    the largest slave revolt in american history where over twenty whites and sixty slaves were killed
  38. new york conspiracy trials
    in the arson conspiracy trials that lasted the summer of 1741, four whites and eighteen slaves were hanged, thirteen slaves were burned alive, and seventy were banished to the west indies. one man john uty, who was a clergyman and latin teacher that had just arrived in new york, was hanged as a likely spanish priest.
  39. pilgrims
    a separatist group in england that viewed the anglican church as a corrupt beyond repair and migrated to the netherlands, then to america in 1620.
  40. plymouth rock
    the landing site of the pilgrims in north america in november 1620
  41. Mayflower
    the ship carried the pilgrims to america
  42. william bradford
    the leader of the pilgrims and author of plymouth plantation who chronicled the efforts in the new world
  43. squanto
    native american trade broker who befriended and aided the prilgrims
  44. puritans
    protestant fundamentalist faction that sought to "purify" the anglican church, but was persecutedin england by king charles i and immigrated to massachusetts bay in 1630
  45. john winthrop
    puritan leader and author from whom we have a historical record of the purtians in massachusetts bay
  46. Roger williams
    puritan bansished from massachusetts bay for heresy that is credited with founding the colony of rhode island
  47. anne hutchinson
    puritan woman banished from massachusetts bay for heresy that joins with roger williams in rhode island
  48. john calvin
    protestant leader in reformation europe whose ideas spawned the puritan movement in england
  49. doctrine of predestination
    the calvinist and puritan idea that before the creation of the world, God predestined his "elect" for heaven
  50. Holy watching
    the puritan responsibility to keep watch on others in the community as a measure against sin
  51. quakers
    fundamentalist and pacifest sect that preached equality of the sexes and suffered persecution both in england and in america at the hands of the puritans
  52. mary dyer
    quaker woman executed by the puritans in 1660 for heresy
  53. malleus maleficarum
    catholic church manual on witches and witch trials from 1484
  54. salem village
    site of the famous salem witch trials in 1692
  55. henry hudson
    explored the hudson river in 1609 in search of the northwest passage
  56. new netherlands
    dutch colony in what is now new york
  57. william penn
    the founder of the pennsylvania colony
  58. penn's great treaty
    perhaps mythical, but probably a series of treaties between penn and the natives purchasing land from the natives and ensuring peace
  59. John colleton
    founder of the carolina colony
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