Anatomical Orientation and Terminology

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  1. brachial
    arm Image Upload
  2. antecubital
    region in front of elbowImage Upload
  3. cubital (olecranon)
    Image Uploadelbow
  4. antebrachial
    forearm Image Upload
  5. carpal
    wrist Image Upload
  6. manuel
    handImage Upload
  7. palmar
    palm of hand Image Upload
  8. pollex
    thumb Image Upload
  9. digital
  10. femoral
    femur/thighImage Upload
  11. patellar
    kneecapImage Upload
  12. popliteal
    back of knee Image Upload
  13. crural
    leg/thigh Image Upload
  14. sural
    calfImage Upload
  15. pedal
    foot Image Upload
  16. tarsal
    small bones between main part of hind limb and metatarsus Image Upload
  17. hallux
    big toe Image Upload
  18. caleaneal
    heel Image Upload
  19. plantar
    sole of foot Image Upload
  20. diaphragm muscle
    Image Upload sheet of internal muscle that extends arcoss bottom of rib cage (expands to allow lungs to stretch when inhaling)
  21. thoracic cavity
    contains lungs and heart Image Upload
  22. abdominopelvic cavityImage Upload
    contains liver, stomach, spleen, and intestines
  23. midsagittal (medial sagittal) plane
    divides body into equal left/right sidesImage Upload
  24. parasagittal plane
    divides body into unequal right/left regions Image Upload
  25. fontal (coronal) plane
    divides body into anterior (belly) and posterior (back)Image Upload
  26. transverse (horizontal) plane
    divides body into superior and inferior parts Image Upload
  27. superior
    above Image Upload
  28. inferior
    below Image Upload
  29. cranial
    head Image Upload
  30. caudal
    butt Image Upload
  31. anterior
    bellyside Image Upload
  32. posterior
    back Image Upload
  33. ventral
    underside of animal or plant Image Upload
  34. dorsal
    upperside or back of animal Image Upload
  35. proximal
    close to trunk Image Upload
  36. distal
    further away fom trunk Image Upload
  37. medial
    middle Image Upload
  38. lateral
    sides Image Upload
  39. superficial
    suface (skin) Image Upload
  40. deep
    inside Image Upload
  41. axial
    main part of body (head, neck, torso) Image Upload
  42. appendicular
    of or relating to limbs (arms and legs) Image Upload
  43. gluteal
    buttock Image Upload
  44. lumbar
    relating to the lower part of the back Image Upload
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