Anatomical Orientation and Terminology

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  1. pubic
    one of the three sections of the hipbone; together these two bones form the front of the pelvis.Image Upload 1
  2. inguinal
    groin Image Upload 2
  3. pelvic
    funnel-shaped structure at the lower end of the trunk of most vertebrates Image Upload 3
  4. umbilical
    bellybutton Image Upload 4
  5. abdominal
    belly Image Upload 5
  6. mammary
    breast Image Upload 6
  7. axillary
    armpit Image Upload 7
  8. thoracic
    chest Image Upload 8
  9. cervical
    neck Image Upload 9
  10. mental
    mind Image Upload 10
  11. oral
    mouth Image Upload 11
  12. octic
    eye Image Upload 12
  13. buccal
    cheek Image Upload 13
  14. nasal
    nose Image Upload 14
  15. orbital
    cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated Image Upload 15
  16. frontal
    foreheadImage Upload 16
  17. prone
    lying face down Image Upload 17
  18. supine
    lying face up Image Upload 18
  19. anatomical postion
    standard position that is used as a reference point for all anatomical descriptions, locations, and directions Image Upload 19
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