MUH 218 Rhythm

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  1. accelerando
    a gradual speeding up of the tempo
  2. accent
    a stressed note that is played louder than other notes around it
  3. back-beat
    refers to accents on beats 2 and 4 that add to the swing feel; often heard on the snare drum
  4. bar
    slang for measure
  5. bomb
    syncopated accent played on the bass drum behid a soloist that is not necessarily coordinated with the other rhythmic figures
  6. broken time
    playing style that lacks a driving or intense feeling of the pulse or beat
  7. comping
    improvised playing of chords in a syncopated rhythmic manner by a pianist, guitarist, or vibraphonist that accompany and complement the rhythms and implied harmonies in the music
  8. fill
    any embellished rhythmic figure played by the drummer
  9. flat-four
    beat pattern characterized by  no particular accent on any beat in the measure (even weight on all four beats)
  10. kicks
    rhythmic accents played by the drummer that coincide with the accents played by a soloist or ensemble
  11. meter
    number and types of beats grouped in each measure
  12. polyrhythm
    simultaneous employment of two or more constrasting rhythms
  13. pops
    short, accented, usually syncopated notes played by the horn section of a big band as accompaniment figures that add precision to the ensemble
  14. rhythmic displacement
    moving an expected rhythmic figure to a different beat or subdivision
  15. ride rhythm
    a specific rhythmic pattern that the drummer uses to establish a swing feel
  16. rubato
    a piece or section of a piece that has no pulse or implied beat
  17. shuffle
    a rhythmic feel common to blues and many jazz styles especially boogie woogie and Kansas City swing
  18. stop time
    stopping or interrupting the normal rhythmic flow with rests while a soloist continues to play. usually played together by the rhythmic section and/or ensemble.
  19. syncopation
    placing an accent on a normally weak beat or normally unaccented part of the beat
  20. tempo
    refers to the speed of the beats in a musical composition
  21. harmony
    the general term for the tonal organization of notes, into scales, chords, and chord progressions
  22. interval
    the specific distance between two pitches
  23. key
    refers to the tonality of the piece
  24. mode
    literally a scale often in reference to one of the seven modes built on the scale degrees of the major scale
  25. modulation
    literally to change keys
  26. octave
    the interval distance between two notes of the same letter name
  27. pentatonic scale
    a five note scale most commonly consisting of the black keys on the piano
  28. pitch
    the relative highness or lowness of a tone either in relation to other tones or in relation to the absolute measurement of the speed of its vibrations
  29. root
    the fundamental note of a chord that vies the chord its name
  30. scale
    literally ladder of tones; a series of notes within an octave that proceed at various identifiable interval combinations
  31. tonality
    pertaining to a specific key
  32. tonic
    note that is the first degree of a scale which defines the key of composition
  33. triad
    the basic chordal sonority in western music; major triad consists of notes 1,3,5 of the major scale; a minor triad consists of notes 2,4,6 of the major scale
  34. whole step
    an interval of two half steps
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