GCSE Geography

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  1. favalas are often found on land with little
    economic value
  2. favelas often develop on
    steep hillsides , which are liable to landslides , or on badly drained , unhealthy floors
  3. in sqautter settlements the housing is often a collection of
    primitive shacks made from any material availiable - wood , corrugated iron , cardboard or sacking
  4. some families living in a sqautter settlement may only have ...  room(s) in which the family has to live , eat and sleep . Families living in sqautter settlements are likely to consist of at least ..... children
    • 1
    • 6
  5. most shacks in slums lack
    basic amenities such as electricty , clean running water , toilets and main sewage
  6. any space between shacks in a slum will soon be occupied either
    by later migrants or , as there is no refuse collection , with rubbish
  7. favelas are ..... and have a high .... ....
    • overcrowded 
    • housing density
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