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  1. What does ADM stand for?
    Aeronautical Decision Making
  2. What does CRM stand for?
    Crew Resource Management 
  3. What percent of accidents are caused by human factor related aviation accidents? 
  4. What does SRM stand for?
    Single-Pilot Resource Management
  5. What is the DECIDE model?
    • D-etect the fact that a change has occurred
    • E-stimate the need to counter or react to the change
    • C-hoose a desirable outcome for the success of the flight
    • I-dentify actions which could successfully control the change
    • D-o the necessary action to adapt to the change
    • E-valuate the effect of the action
  6. What does CFIT stand for?
    Controlled Flight Into Terrain
  7. What is spacial disorientation?
    Occurs when there is a conflict between the signals relayed by your central vision and information provided by your peripheral vision. 
  8. What is vestibular disorientation?
    Three semicurcular canals and the vestibule in the inner ear that percieve gravity and acceleration - small hairs move with fluid and can become disoriented during gradual movements. 
  9. Hypoxic Hypoxia
    Not enough molecules of oxygen available
  10. Hypemic Hypoxia
    Blood is not able to carry sufficient amount of oxygen  - caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, blood loss, etc
  11. Stagnant Hypoxia
    Oxygen dificiency due to poor circulation. Pulling too many Gs, cold temperatures, etc
  12. Histotoxic Hypoxia
    Inability of cells to effectively use oxygen - due to alcohol, drugs, etc
  13. Oxygen Requirements
    • 12,500 ft - flight crew must use after 30min
    • 14,000ft - flight crew must use oxygen for duration
    • 15,000ft - flight crew must use and oxygen must be provided for each passenger
  14. Scuba Diving Requirements - Wait Time ascending 8,000msl w/o controlled ascent
    12 hours
  15. Scuba Diving Requirements - Wait Time ascending 8,000msl w/controlled ascent 
    24 hours
  16. Scuba Diving Requirements - Wait time ascending above 8,000msl regardless
    24 hours
  17. Hyperventilation
    Too much carbon dioxide has been eliminated from the body - caused by breathing too rapidly or too deeply. Fix - breathe into a bag, talk out loud
  18. Alcohol Rules
    No flying within eight ours of using alcohol, or having a blood alcohol level of .04% or higher. 
  19. IMSAFE checklist
    • I-llness
    • M-edication
    • S-tress
    • A-lcohol
    • F-atigue
    • E-ating
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