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GCSE Geography
2012-08-23 21:56:48
urban change part five developing world city social problems squatter settlements general

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  1. ....% of the urban populations in developing wolrd cities lives in slums
  2. It is now not as easy for city authorities to carry on using their old idea of slum management , sending in buldozers to demolish and and clear everything , thereby making residents homeless again . Authorities do not have the money to rehouse all the people . One policy is 
    Aided self help (ASH) a few changes implemented with the cooperation of city authorities and help from non-governmental organisations (NGO's) , can speed up the process of improvement 
  3. ASH involves 
    • giving slum dwellers legal titles to the land
    • connecting them to essential services such as water , electricity and roads 
    • providing building materials , technical help and loans 
  4. community participation is vital in self help schemes because
    families and neighbours do the work ; they are responsible for building houses on allocated plots . Successful schemes encourage and reinforce community spirit that often exists among people living in difficult circumstances 
  5. How do squatter settlements change over time

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