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GCSE Geography
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urban change part nine developing world city social problems Barra da Tijuca

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  1. Many of Rio's more wealthy redisents have began to move out of the city in an attempt to find ----------------------------------------------------------- This has lead to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • more space and a safer place to live 
    • a population loss in central Rio , a situation normally only associated with citiesin developed countries 
  2. the nearest available land to central Rio was 
    km along the coast to the south . However , due to the mountians between here and Rio extending down to the sea , the area had remained largely inaccessible and uninhabited until the 1970's . 
  3. after the land became inhabited in the 1970's a 
    four lane motorway was built through tunnels under the mountian and raised on stilts over the sea . By 2000 , the new town of Barra Da Tijuca had a population of almost 140,000
  4. Barra Da Tijuca is the "nee Rio" . It is not a suburb but a self contained
    town built alongside the coastal motorway . It has 5km of shops (the largest comples in South America) , schools , hospitals , offices and places of entertainment . It has a culture based around the beach , shopping malls , expensive restaurants and lesiure centres . The new residents live in spacious and luxury accomodation 
  5. 3/4 of their accommodation is in 
    10-30 storey high rise appartments . These appartments are protected by security guards and contain every possible modern amenity and gadget . The remainder of the accommodation is single and double storey detached houses 
  6. although both adult members of the rich families usually work through choice , they oftn have to
    seek high paid jobs to pay for their expensive accommodation and lifestyle 
  7. despite each family having its own car , there is an
    efficient local bus service linking the apartments , shops and leisure amenities 
  8. However Barra already has its
    own new favelas . This is because the low-paid housekeepers , cooks , cleaners and gardeners , employed by the wealthy residents , also need somewhere to live