GCSE Geography

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  1. the inner city is the zone of the city that is located around the 
  2. the inner city is the ...... oldest part of a city and has caused lots of problems for the councils over the years e.g. 
    • second 
    • lack of greenery/open space for people to enjoy 
    • old derelict buildings (potentially dangerous and easy to vandalize) 
    • unemployment
    • crime/antisocial behavior
  3. what are the environmental problems in inner cities
    • housing is either cheap tower blocks or old terraces 
    • shortage of open space , most of what exists is wasteland 
    • many derelict buildings - factories , warehouses , churches , houses and flats - often vandalised 
  4. what are the social problems in inner cities
    • above average numbers of pensioners , single parent families , ethnic minorities and students 
    • diffficult community-police relations 
    • poorer than average levels of health
    • higher than average levels of drug abuse and crime
  5. what are the economic problems in inner cities
    • local emplyment declined as industries and docks closed 
    • higher than average rates of unemployment , especially for the young and ethnic minorities 
    • high cost of land compared with the suburbs 
    • low income and widespread poverty
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