korean class week 1 Korean alphabet

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  1. a, as in father
  2. ya, as in yarn
  3. a, as in about 
  4. you, as in young
  5. o, as in home
  6. yo, as in yoke
  7. oo, as in mood
  8. you, as in youth
  9. u, as in put
  10. ee, as in bee
  11. g or k, as in go
  12. n, as in nose
  13. d, as in dog
  14. r or l, as in rat or lion
  15. m, as in moon
  16. b, as in big
  17. s, as in skate
    •  -- silent at beginning or
    • ng, as in song at end
  18. j as in jam
  19. ch, as in chair
  20. k, as in kite
  21. t, as in table
  22. p, as in paper
  23. h, as in hat
  24. a, as in man
  25. ya, as in yam
  26. e, as in egg
  27. ye, as in yellow
  28. we, as in wet
  29. wee, as in weed
  30. uoy as in buoy
  31. wa, as in swallow
  32. wa, as in wax
  33. we, as in well
  34. stressed sound of ㄱ (g)
  35. stressed sound of ㄷ, (d)
  36. stressed sound of ㅂ, (b)
  37. stressed sound of ㅅ, (s)
  38. stressed sound of ㅈ, (j)
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Learning the sounds of the korean alphabet in english
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