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    • Active voice conjugation(s)
    • -o-m, -s, -t, -mus, -tis, -nt
  1. Present active infinitive (1st, 2nd)
    (1st) -are, (2nd) -ere
  2. Present active imperative 1st & 2nd
    -a,-ate, -e, ete
  3. First declension |Fem|
    -a,-ae,-ae,-am,-a | -ae,-arum,-is,-as, -is
  4. Second Declension |Mas|
    -us,-i,-o,-um,-o | -i,-orum,-is,-os,-is
  5. Second declension -er
    -er,-i,-o,-um,-o | -i,-orum,-is,-os,-is
  6. Second declenson |Neu|
    -um,-i,-o,-um,-o | -a,-orum,-is,-a,-is
  7. Present infinitive & Present indicative "Sum,esse"
    Sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt
  8. Future indicative active
    -Bo,-bi,-bi | -bi-bi,-bu
  9. Imperfect indicative active
    -ba,-ba,-ba | -ba,-ba,-ba
  10. future indicative "sum"
    Ero, erit, erit | erimus, eritis, erunt
  11. Imperfect indicative "sum"
    Eram, eras, erat | eramus, eratis, erant
  12. Present indicative "possum"
    Pos-sum, pot-es, pot-est | pos-sumus, pot-estis, pos-sunt
  13. Future indicative "possum"
    Pot-ero, pot-eris, pot-erit | pot-erimus, por-eritis, pot-erunt
  14. Imperfect indicative "sum"
    Pot-eram, pot-eras, pot-erat | por-eramus, pot-eratis, pot-erant
  15. Third declension |Mas|& |Fem|
    -x,-is,-i,-em,-e | -es,-um,-ibus,-es,-ibus
  16. Third declension |Neu|
    -x,-is,-i,-x,-e | -a,-um,-ibus,-a,-ibus
  17. Third conjugation Present Indicative Active
    -o,-is,-it | -imus,-itis,-unt
  18. Third conjugation Future Indicative Active
    -am,-es,-et | -emus,-etis,-ent
  19. Third conjugation Imperfect Indicative Active
    -ebam,-ebas,-ebat | -ebamus,-ebatis,-ebant
  20. Demonstrative: That, Those |Mas|
    Ille, illius, illi, illum, illo | illi, illorum, illis, illos, illis
  21. Demonstrative: That, Those |Fem|
    Illa, illius, illi, illam, illa | illae, illarum, illis, illas, illis
  22. Demonstrative: That, Those |Neu|
    Illud, illius, illi, illud, illo | illa, illorum, illis, illa, illis
  23. Demonstrative: This, These |Mas|
    Hic, huius, huic, hunc, hoc | hi, horum, his, hos, his
  24. Demonstrative: This, These |Fem|
    Haec, huius, huic, hanc, hac | hae, harum, his, has, his
  25. Demonstrative: This, These |Neu|
    Hoc, huius, huic, hoc, hoc | haec, horum, his, haec, his
  26. Iste, ista, istud
    Follow the forms of "ille" (that (near you) )
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