MS and Rheumatology

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  1. Kyphosis
    • AnteroPosterior angulation of the spine
    • nl find in most individuals
    • Concern is when it is excessive, leading to rib distortion
    • Can occur c/ and s/ scoliosis, in isolation
  2. Hyperkyphosis
    • Excessive curvature of the throracic spine 
    • Dowager's Hump
  3. Scoliosis
    • LATERAL displacement/curvature of the spine >10o (lumbar/thoracic)
    • Usually associated c/ Kyphosis -but Kyphosis can occur in isolation 
  4. Scoliosis -etiology
    • MCC: Idiopathic, developing in early adolescence 
    • Other etiologies are congenital and associated c/ neuromuscular/verterbral/SC disease
  5. Scoliosis -gender distribution
    • FEMALE preference
    • 7F:1m for curves that progress and require treatment
  6. Scoliosis -PE
    Vertebral/Rib rotation deformities -accentuated by Forward Bending test 
  7. Scoliosis

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MS and Rheumatology
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MS and rheumatologic conditions
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