Wordly Wise Lesson 8

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  1. Adroit (adj)
    Clever at dealing with difficult situations; adept; skillful
  2. Affront (v)
    To insult or offend deliberately
  3. Avocation (n)
    An activity pirsued for pleasure; a hobby
  4. Crusade 
    • (n) 
    • 1. A prolonged , impassionated struggle for what is believed to be a just cause
    • (v)
    • 2. To engage in such a struggle
  5. Definitive (adj)
    Supplying final anwers; conclusive
  6. Demeanor (n)
    Behaviour; bearing
  7. Erudite (adj)
    Having or demonstrating extensive knowledge; learned
  8. Erudition (n)
    Extensive knowledge aquired from books
  9. Induct (v)
    • 1. To install in office, sometimes with a formal ceremony
    • 2. To admit to a society or to a military service
  10. Lapse 
    • (v)
    • 1. To fall or slip from a certain level of conduct or accomplishment
    • 2. To come to an end; to expire
    • (n)
    • 3. A minor mistake; a slip
  11. Militant 
    • (adj)
    • 1. Ready to fight for a cause
    • (n)
    • 2. One who is ready to fight for a cause
  12. Pariah (n)
    A social oucast
  13. Prodigy (n)
    A person who shows remarkable talent at an early age
  14. Protege(masculine) (n)

    One whose training or career has been helped along by another
  15. Raucous (adj)
    • 1. Rough and unpleasant to the ear
    • 2. Boisterous and disorderly
  16. Tacit (adj)
    • Expressed without words; implied
    • Ex.
    • You gave your tacit approval by not raising any objections to our idea.
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