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  1. Definiendum
    In any definition, the word or symbol being defined.
  2. Definiens
    In any definition, a symbol or group of symbols that is said to have the same meaning as the definiendum.
  3. Stipulative Definition
    A definition in which a new symbol is introduced to which some meaning is arbitrarily assigned; as opposed to a lexical definition. A stipulative definition cannot be correct or incorrect.
  4. Lexical Definition
    A definition that reports the meaning that the definiendum already has. A lexical definition can be true or false.
  5. Precising Definition
    A definition devised to eliminate ambiguity or vagueness by delineating a concept more sharply.
  6. Theoretical Definition
    A definition that encapsulates an understanding of the theory in which that term is a key element.
  7. Persuasive Definition
    A definition formulated and used to resolve a dispute by influencing attitudes or stirring emotions, often relying upon the use of emotive languages.
  8. Extension
    The collection of all the objects to which a term may correctly be applied.
  9. Intension
    The attributes shared by all and only the objects in the class that a given term denotes; the connotation of the term.
  10. Denotative Definition
    A definition that identifies the extension of a term, by (for example) listing the members of the class of objects to which the term refers. An extensional definition.
  11. Ostensive Definition
    A kind of denotative definition in which the objects denoted by the term being defined are referred to by means of pointing, or with some other gesture; sometimes called a demonstrative definition.
  12. Quasi-ostensive Definition
    A variety of denotative definition that relies upon gesture, in conjunction with a descriptive phrase.
  13. Subjective Intension
    The set of all attributes that the speaker believes to be possessed by objects denoted by a given term.
  14. Objective Intension
    The total set of attributes shared by all the objects in the extension of a term.
  15. Conventional Intension
    The commonly accepted intension of a term; the criteria generally agreed upon for deciding, with respect to any object whether it is part of the extension of that term.
  16. Synonymous Definition
    A kind of connotative definition in which a word, phrase or symbol is defined in terms of another word, phrase or symbol that has the same meaning and is already understood.
  17. Operational Definition
    A kind of connotative definition that states that the term to be defined is correctly applied to a given case if and only if the performance of specified operations in that case yields a specified result.
  18. Definition by Genus and Difference
    A type of connotative definition of a term that first identifies the larger class ("genus") of which the definiendum is a species or subclass, and then identifies the attribute ("difference") that distinguishes the members of that species from members of all other species in that genus.

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Ch3 Terms

Ch3 Terms
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