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  1. Aseptic technique
    Procedure for mixing sterile compounded products with a complete absence of viable microorganisms 
  2. ISO class 5
    International Organization for Standardization Class 5 environment, in which a maximum of 100 particles 0.5 microns in size will be present for every cubic foot of air space
  3. Laminar airflow (LAF) workbench 
    A workbench that meets the ISO class 5 standard
  4. ISO class 8
    International Organization of Standardization Class 8 cleanroom environment, in which a maximum of 100,000 particles 0.5 microns in size will be present for every cubic foot of air
  5. Cleanroom
    An enclosed room with smooth walls, floors, and ceilings that are resistant to damage from sanitizing agents; the air quality meets ISO class 8 standards
  6. Anteroom
    A room adjacent to but seperate from the cleanroom where handwashing, gowning, and gloving take place, and where supplies are sanitized before being brought into the cleanroom
  7. Barrier isolator
    A sealed laminar flow hood that is supplied with air through a HEPA filter, maintaining a class 5 ISO environment. It allows the compounder to access the work area through glove openings and maintain sterility without the need for a cleanroom or gowning
  8. Zone of turbulence
    A disturbance of the airflow pattern created behind an object placed in the laminar airflow hood
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