Chapter 41

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  1. Oxytocin
    Secreated by - Posterior Pituitary
  2. Prolactin
    Secreated by - Anterior Pituitary
  3. Inhibin
    Secreated by ovary
  4. Progestron
    Secreated by Ovary
  5. Estrogen
    Sectrated by Ovary
  6. Luteinizing Hormone
    • Anterior Pituitary
    • Causes Ovulation
  7. Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    • Anterior Pituitary
    • Initiates development of ovarian follicles
  8. CytoUrethroScopy
    Evaluate for obstruction by an enlarged prostate
  9. Transillumination
    Non invasive test used to determine the mass for solid or liquid fill.
  10. Hydrocele
    Fluid fill mass in scrotum and testes
  11. Uretheral opening at top of the shaft
  12. HypoSpaDias
    Uretheral opening under the shaft
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Chapter 41
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