Sociology 358.2

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  1. What is code is known for punishment in the name of the city-state?
    Code of Hammurabi 1792-1750 B.C.E.
  2. Law of Moses is based on what principle?
    lex talionis or eye for eye
  3. How long were the Twelve Tables in use?
    300 years in Rome
  4. Which law governed relationships between Roman citizens?
    jus civile
  5. Which Roman law governed foreigners?
    jus gentium
  6. Which Roman principle allowed magistrates to supplement law with rulings and became the basis for modern case law?
    jus honorarium
  7. When a judge makes a ruling that effects law it is called__.
    Case law
  8. Law that governs churches, especially Roman Catholic Church?
    canon law
  9. Germanic law that includes sanctions of monetary compensations; developed to avoid blood feuds.
    lex salica
  10. What are botes?
  11. Exile or banishment in a structured version.
  12. Rules conforming to human nature discovered through reason.  Rules without knowledge or reference to artificial laws of society.
    Natural law
  13. In the 17th century, the idea was fostered taht science holds answers to all of society's challenges.  What is this era called?
    Age of Enlightenment, especially Montesquieu and Cesare Beccaria
  14. A system of solitary confinement that became costly and did not take advantage of inmate labor.
    Pennsylvania System
  15. A system that was regimented and utilized inmates for hard labor.
    Auburn System, known for black and white stripes; used at Sing Sing
  16. Who advocated for separation of powers into judicial, executive and legislative?
  17. Who advocated that punishment be certain, swift and severe?
    Cesare Beccaria
  18. Describe the silent system.
    Marching, working and eating in complete silence.  Walking in lockstep.  The Auburn System.
  19. What are isolated areas for confinement via geography or topography?
    Penal Colonies
  20. Good behavior that results in leave is called?
    Ticket of Leave
  21. What is the key facet of Penal Servitute Act of 1853?
  22. What is early release to supervision of local law enforcement?
  23. Describe Irish ticket-of-leave system.
    Reduced rations, then increased and added more priviledges.
  24. Who is Enoch Wines?
    Penal reformer
  25. What did Zebulon Reed Brockway develop?
    Elmira model which aimed to reform offenders in three stages
  26. What was the lowest grade in the Elmira model and what was emphasized?
    Intake.  Third grade.  Emphasis on education.
  27. Specific treatment for criminals esp., group therapy and behavior modification is known as which model?
    Medical Model
  28. The process of returning offenders to orderly or acceptable behaviors is called?
  29. A bridge between the institution and the community is called?
  30. What did Robert Martinson's 1974 report on corrections suggest?
    Nothing works
  31. What model suggests that offenders have free will and choose to violate laws and deserve to be punished?
    Justice Model
  32. What is a habitual offender statute?
    Send an offender to prison for life following the three strikes.
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