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  1. Other than maps, what are sources of geographic information that give information on culture? 
    photographs, databases, GIS, Primary sources, diagrams.
  2. What type of information can satelitte images give? 
    temperature, precipitation, pollution, landforms. 
  3. Give 3 examples of databases. 
    computer hard drives, flash drive, phones, ipods.
  4. What is the first step in map making?  (going to a site)
    field study or survey
  5. Government records, diaries, and artifacts are examples of ....
    primary sources
  6. What is the computer program that layers different types of maps? 
  7. What type of map shows landforms like rivers, mountains, and lakes? 
  8. What type of map shows boundaries of countries, cities, and capitals?
  9. What type of thematic map shows ways the area makes money like mining or fishing? 
  10. What type of map shows types of plants that grew in the area? 
  11. What type of maps shows the amount of people that live in an area (darker is more people)? 
    population density
  12. What measures distance north and south of the equator?  45*N
  13. What measures distance east and west of the prime meridian?  30*S 
  14. What is the type of location that gives latitude and longitude? 
  15. What runs through Greenwich, Enland? 
    Prime Meridian
  16. What type of location descibes spatial relationships between and among places like Tappahannock is on the Rappahannock River? 
    relative location
  17. What is a directional indicator? 
    compass rose
  18. If one map of Tappahannock shows the river on the bottom of the map and the other has the river on the right they have diffenent -----
  19. What determines the amount of detail shown on a map? 
  20. What type of map projection is used for ship navigation? 
    mercator because it has straight longitude lines
  21. What type of map is used for airline navigation? 
  22. What map projection is the best for size and shape of continents? 
  23. Which maps were more accurate during Columbus' time?  western or eastern hemisphere? 
    eastern, western was just discovered. 
  24. Why has the map of Africa changed so much? 
    colonization, wars, independence. 
  25. What happened to Germany after WWII? 
    It split into East and West Germany. 
  26. What former empire bordered Poland on the west, the Pacific on the east, and the Arctic on the north? 
    USSR or Soviet Union
  27. What country was formed in the Middle East during the 1960's from Palestinian territory? 
  28. What are two other names for Taiwan? 
    Formosa and Republic of China
  29. Who claims the West Bank and Golan Heights territories of Israel? 
  30. What peninsula hangs off of China is divided into two separate countries? Political differences-north is communist, south is democratic
  31. Who claims the disputed territory called Western Sahara? 
  32. What former country was made up of Bosnia, Croatia, and Montenegro and broke up because of ethnic conflicts? 
  33. What countries claim Kashmir? 
    India and Pakistan
  34. Why does Pakistan want Kashmir? 
    Most of the people there are Muslim like them; India is Hindu. 
  35. What is another name for the Persian Gulf? 
    Arabian Gulf; Arabs and Persians do not get along. 
  36. What is another name for the Sea of Japan? 
    East Sea; North Koreans refused to call is Japan. 
  37. Why is North Africa linked with SW Asia? 
    Similiar religion (Islam) and language (Arabic)
  38. What are 3 purposes of mental maps? 
    carry out daily activities, give directions, understand world events. 
  39. What is another way to say objective and subjective information when referring to mental maps?   
    facts and opinions
  40. If mental maps indicate how well a person knows spatial arrangements, what do they know?
    what is around them or an area
  41. How can you refine a mental map? 
    compare with atlas
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