SUR 118, wk 2

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    Straight Mayo Scissor (Suture Scissor) - basic scissor, heavy, used for cutting sutures only.
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    Nurse's Suture Scissor - shorter then suture scissor, one blade is sharp.
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    Suture Removal Scissor - one blade has a hook on it to go under stitch before cutting.
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    Curved Mayo Scissor - looks like suture scissor but curved, can be used to cut tissue during procedure, can also be used to cut sutures.
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    • Metzenbaum Scissor (Metz) - for dissection of non heavy tissue, curved, longer for deeper dissectiong.
    • a. 7 in
    • b. 9 in
    • c. 11in
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    Neuro Metzenbaum Scissor (Jones Scissor) - short version of the 7in Metz, curved.
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    Curved Deaver Scissor (Rectal Scissor) - shorter and sharper curved mayo
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    • Iris Scissor - tiny, used for delicate surgeries.
    • a. straight
    • b. curved
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    Stevens Tenotomy Scissor - beveled end, not pointy, slightly curved.
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    Wilmer Scissors - small, delicate, angle end, used in plastic surgery.
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    • Bard Parker Knife Handle
    • a. #3 short and wide
    • b. #4 widest
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    • Bard Parker Knife Handle
    • c. #7
    • d. #9
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