Stats Ch 1 8/24 4 levels of measurement

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  1. Characterized by data that consist of names, labels, or caegories only. The data cannot be arranged in an ordering scheme (such as low to high)
    Nominal level of measuement 
  2. They can be arranged in some order, but the differences (obtained by subtrration) between data values either cannot be determined or are meaningless
    Ordinal level of measurement
  3. Like the ordinal level, with the additional property that the difference between any two data values is meaningful. However, data at this level do not have a NATURAL zero statring point (where NONE of the quantity is present)
    Interval level of measurement
  4. Is the interval level with the addtitional property that there is also a nnatural zero starting point (where zero indicates that NONE of the quantity is present). For values at this level, differences and ratiosare both meaningful
    Ratio level of measurement 
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Stats Ch 1 8/24 4 levels of measurement
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Stats Ch 1 8/24 4 levels of measurement
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