Animal Domestication

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  1. How long have humans been here?
    4 million years
  2. What animal was the first to be domesticated and how long ago?
    • dog
    • 15,000 years ago
  3. Why were animals domesticated?
    to serve humans
  4. Define domestication.
    humans control breeding, care, and feeding of animals
  5. What type of change is domestication?
    biological, gene pool change
  6. How do we create a biological change?
    • change in stimulus threshold
    • decrease in aggression
    • decrease in territoriality
    • abnormal behavior patterns
    • more production oriented
  7. What kind of changes take place with a biological change?
    • increased muscling
    • increased milk production
    • decreased territoriality
    • decreased aggression
    • increased reproduction
    • many breeds produced
  8. Which types of animals are have been the most domesticated?
    artiodactyls (even toed hooves - cows, sheep, pigs, etc)
  9. Define wild animal.
    never domesticated
  10. Define feral animal.
    domesticated, but reverted to wild state
  11. Define tame animal.
    no fear of humans (may be domesticated or wild)
  12. What traits lead to domestication?
    • social species
    • precocious young (born eyes open, walking)
    • imprinting occurs (young identifies with mother and species)
    • promiscuous
    • short flight distance
    • environmentally adaptable
  13. What do we use domesticated animals for?
    • food
    • clothing
    • power
    • recreation
    • transportation
    • comanionship
    • protection
    • aid disabled
    • rodent control
    • research
    • help economy
  14. What is taxonomy?
    a science of classifying animals
  15. What is the order of taxonomy?
    • kingdom
    • phylum
    • class
    • order
    • family
    • genus & species
  16. What are some artiodactlya families?
    • bovidae (cow)
    • ovidae (sheep)
    • capridae (goats)
    • suidae (pigs)
  17. What are equidae?
  18. What are canidae?
    dogs, wolves, foxes
  19. What are felidae?
  20. What are mustelidae?
    ferrets, otters
  21. What are muridae?
  22. Are hybrid animals usually sterile?
  23. What are hybrid animals?
    mixing different species
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