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  1. lab equipment that you have used
    • balance
    • graduated sylinder
    • beaker
  2. metabolism
    the chemical reactions in an organism - purpose is to build up or break down materials
  3. homeostasis
    stable internal environment  - keeps your body within certain limits
  4. cells
    the smallest unit in living things
  5. sexual reproduction
    produce offspring - 2 parents exchange genes
  6. asexual reproduction
    • produce offspring - one parent
    • example: budding
  7. growth and development
    start as a baby and go through stages to become an adult
  8. energy
    metabolism - take in energy - food
  9. response to stimuli
    response to looking/touching
  10. evolution
    change over time - gradually
  11. observation
    beginning - 1st thing that you do
  12. hypothesis
    educated guess or possible conclusion to question - must be testable
  13. What are the steps to Set up experiment
    • experimental variable
    • independent variable
    • dependent variable
    • control group
    • experimental group
  14. experimental variable
    factor that being tested
  15. independent variable
    same as experimental variable - changed on purpose
  16. dependent variable
    factor being measured and observed
  17. control group
    does not have the independent variable - stays the same
  18. experimental group
    contains the independent variable - has a change
  19. collect data
    information gathered from an experiment
  20. quantitative data
    collect #s from measuring and observing
  21. qualitative data
    descriptions - words
  22. conclusion
    • reject hypothesis, then rewrite hypothesis
    • support hypothesis, repeat theory - broad range
  23. Base units for: Time 
    second - stopwatch
  24. Base units for: length
    meters - ruler meter stick
  25. Base units for: volume
    liter: graduated cylinder/beaker
  26. Base units for: Mass
    grams - balance
    • Cell
    • Organized
    • Develop
    • Grow
    • Energy
    • Response
    • Reproduce
  28. Tissue
    group of cells
  29. organ
    group of tissue with a special function

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characteristics of living things
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