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  1. According to the authors, politics is....
    Mixture of contiuity and change
  2. Major transeformation in the world of politics tends to occur...
    At the conclustion of a major war
  3. Understanding how people percieve reality is important to understand world politics because....
    All the above
  4. Peoples psychological tendency to deny or rationalize away discrepanies between their existing beliefs and new information is...
    Cognitive Dissonance
  5. The psychological of creating a "mirror image" was significant during the cold war because it....
    Caused leaders in Moscow the Washington to view their own actions as constructive and their advisaries as hostile.
  6. The individual level of analysis emphasizes...
    Personal and psycological motivation of decision makers.
  7. The state level of analysis emphasizes...
    The internal attributes of individual states.
  8. Realist believe states are the most important actors in global politics because...
    States answer to no authority higher than themselves.
  9. Modern realism emerged as a reaction to....
    the failure of cooperation
  10. Which of the following was criticism of the realist school of thought?
    It could not account for new trends in international relation.
  11. A security arrangement guarded by the principle that an act of aggression by any state will be wet by a collective response from the rest is known as..
    Collective Security
  12. After world war 1, liberal advocated avoiding future wars by...
    Using legal procedures & creating international institutions to provide collective security.
  13. Critics of liberalism argue that...
    The morality of forigen policy should be based off its outcome.
  14. Dependency theory argues that...
    Less developed countries had became dependant on exporting they're cheap raw materials and simultaneously importing expensive materials
  15. Which of the following statements is true about feminism?
    Feminist explore how gender identity shape foreign policy.
  16. ____________ refers to the degree to which military and economic capabilities are concentrated among the major powers in the state system...
  17. Which of the following is a state attribute that can shape its foreign policy?
    All the above
  18. The proposition that democratic states wage wars against other states but NOT each other is called...
    Democratic peace
  19. In Perpetual Peace, Immanuel Kaut outlined basis of the theory of democratic peace, which states that......
    Democratic leaders are constrained by the public from initiating foreign wars.
  20. Standard operating procedures (SOP's) help make bureaucracies more efficient by...
    providing rules for making decisions in a particular situation
  21. Making incremental policy changes through small, trial and error adjustments is describes as...
    muddling through
  22. A decision making atmosphere characterized by uncertainty, incomplete information, and short deadlines often forces leaders to select the choice that meets minimally acceptable standards also know as....
  23. Group think is...
    members of a group to accept and agree with the groups prevailing attitude.
  24. Long-cycle theory maintains that immediately following each global war, the victorious hegemon....
    reshapes rules and institutions to preserve position and maintain global order.
  25. A dominate leader who exercises predominate influence over other global actors is a...
  26. When two overwhelming powerful states dominate world politics, the structure of the international system is referred to as being....
  27. The strategy of making concessions to an aggressor in hopes that, once satisfied, it will make no further claims is known as...
  28. Which of the following individuals was responsible for the origins of the U.S. strategy of containment?
    George Kennon
  29. Which soviet leader proposed peaceful coexistence with capitalism?
    Nikita Khrushchev
  30. Which of the following was a consequence of world war 1
    all the above
  31. A state working independently, rather than coordinating its actions with others, is acting...
  32. Imperal overstreching refers to...
    The gap between internal resources and external commitments.

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