The Musculoskeletal System

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  1. Amputation
    The surgical removal of all or part of an arm or a leg
  2. Arthritis
    Inflammation of joints, usually associated with pain and stiffness
  3. Atrophy
    The loss of muscle size and strength
  4. Cartilage
    A tough, fibrous substance found in joints and other parts of the body; in slightly movable joints, the cartilage acts as a "shock absorber," in freely movable joints, the cartilage provides a smooth surface for the bones of the joint to move against
  5. Fixation
    The process of holding a broken bone in one position until the fracture heals; may be external (accomplished through the use of a cast) or internal (accomplished through the use of metal plates, screws, rods, pins, or wires attached to the bone)
  6. Fracture
    A broken bone
  7. Joint
    The area where two bones join together
  8. Ligaments
    Very strong bands of fibrous tissue that cross over the joint capsule, attaching one bone to another and stabilizing the joint
  9. Muscle tone
    The steady contraction of the skeletal muscles that helps us to maintain an upright posture, such as sitting or standing
  10. Muscular dystrophy
    A general term for a group of disorders tha cause the skeletal muscles to become more and more weak over time
  11. Osteoporosis
    A disorder characterized by the excessive loss of bone tissue
  12. Phantom pain
    The feeling that a body part is still present, after it has been surgically removed (amputated)
  13. Range of motion
    The complete extent of movement that a joint is normally capable of without causing pain
  14. Reduction
    The word used to describe the process of bringing ends of a broken bone into alignment
  15. Skeleton
    The framework for the body formed by the bones
  16. Stump
    The end of an amputated limb that is left after surgery
  17. Tendons
    Bands of connective tissue that attach the skeletal muscles to the bones
  18. Traction
    A treatment for fracture in which the ends of the broken bone are placed in the proper alignment and then weight is applied to exert a constant pull and keep the bone in alignment
  19. Trapeze bar
    A device that is attached to the overhead frame of a person's bed; used to assist with movement
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The Musculoskeletal System
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