Anatomical Kinesiology

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  1. epiphysis
    ends of long bones
  2. diaphysis
    shaft of long bone
  3. periosteum
    where muscles attach on long bones
  4. sesamoid bone
    free floating bone embedded in tendon
  5. condyle
    bony knob
  6. crest
    • ridge
    • top of hip
  7. epicondyle
    small knob just above condyles
  8. foramen
  9. fossa
    • dip or valley
    • flat surface
  10. facet
    on vertebrate
  11. styloid process
    pointy protuberance
  12. tuberosity
    distinct bump but smaller than trochanter
  13. trochanter
    distinct bump
  14. landmarks of the occipital bone
    • foramen magnum
    • occipital protuberance
    • superior and inferior nuchal lines
  15. landmarks of the temporal bones
    • external auditory meatus (ear canal)
    • mastoid process
    • zygomatic arch
  16. bones of the cranium
    • occipital bone
    • frontal bone
    • parietal bones
    • temporal bones
  17. coronal suture
    between frontal and parietal bone
  18. lambdoidal suture
    between occipital and parietal bone
  19. sagittal suture
    between parietal bones
  20. squamous suture
    between temporal and parietal bone
  21. concussion
    swelling of the brain
  22. simple fracture
    bone doesn't break through skin
  23. compound fracture
    bone breaks through skin
  24. depression fracture
    • driven inward to form cavity
    • hammer to head
  25. compression fracture
    bone tissue collapses (vertebrate)
  26. greenstick fracture
    one side breaks, other bends
  27. transverse fracture
    horizontal break
  28. stress fracture
    series of incomplete breaks
  29. avulsion fracture
    portion of bone breaks off
  30. spiral fracture
    when bones breaks when twisting
  31. arthrology
    study of joints
  32. synarthrosis
    • immovable
    • sutures
    • tailbone
  33. amphiarthrosis
    • slightly movable
    • 1. symphysis: cartilaginous
    • 2. syndesmosis: fibrous
    • Pubic symphysis
    • vertebral columns
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