E: Wordlist Unit 1

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  1. agree

    Seh agrees that teenagers can be irritating.
    einverstanden sein
  2. all day

    I've been working all day.
    den ganzen Tag
  3. annoy

    They don't annoy their parents intentionally.
  4. approach to

    A new approach to dealing with rude teenagers.
    Einstellung zu etwas oder das Herangehen an etwas
  5. assume

    Scientists assumed that the brain finished growing at 13.
  6. battle

    It's vital to choose your battles carefully
  7. be good at sth.

    My wife is so much better at it than me.
    in etwas gut sein
  8. behaviour (to behave)

    Parents should look at their own behavoiur.
  9. benefit (verb and noun)

    Men should regard it as something which benefits both of them.
    jdm. etwas nützen
  10. carpenter

    He is a carpenter
  11. celebration

    Do you enjoy family celebrations?
  12. complain to sb. about sth.

    She complained about her children's behaviour.
    sich beklagen, beschweren
  13. concentrate on

    Teenagers can't concentrate on several different things at the same time.
    konzentrieren auf
  14. consider doing sth.

    You might consider letting them go out until midnight
    in Betracht ziehen
  15. continue to do sth.

    You can't continue to treat them the same way.
  16. countless

    There have been countlesss books on living with teenagers.
  17. critical (of sb.)
    • kritisch
    • unkritisch
  18. criticise sb. for sth.

    Then suddenly your criticise them for other things.
    jdn. kritisieren
  19. deal in sth.

    He got rich dealing in cigars.
    handeln mit
  20. deal with people / matter

    You really need to deal with this problem.
    sich befassen mit
  21. desperate for sth.

    Teenagers are desperate for independence.
    dringend etwas wollen
  22. development

    Teenagers are desperate for independence.
    dringend etwas wollen
  23. do business
    Geschäfte machen
  24. do housework

    My mum does all the housework.
    Hausarbeit machen
  25. do sb. a favour

    Men act as though they are doing their partner a favour
    jdn. einen Gefallen tun
  26. do sport
    Sport machen
  27. do the chores

    Still it is mostly women who do the daily chores.
    Hausarbeit (eher negativ)
  28. do your best
    sein Bestes geben
  29. drive sb. mad

    He's driving me mad
    in den Wahnsinn treiben
  30. dust (verb and noun)

    I hate to dust the furniture.
    abstauben und Staub
  31. embarrassed

    I'v never felt so embarrassed in my entire life.
  32. entrance test

    I'm preparing for the entrance test next month.
  33. extend

    Tracey's family is extending the house at the moment
    erweitern, ausbauen, vergrössern
  34. fail a test

    I've never failed a final test.
    in einem Test durchfallen
  35. fussy
    kleinlich, pingelig
  36. hard-working
  37. hold (give, have) a party

    I allow my children to hold parties at home.
    eine Party machen
  38. independence

    Teenagers are desperate for independence.
  39. independent
  40. instead of

    He took the yellow jumper instead of the green one.
  41. intentionally adv. (to intend)

    They do not intentionally do the wrong thing
  42. interrupt

    You're always interrupting my private conversations.
  43. irritating (irritate)

    Teenagers can be irritating.
  44. issue

    Couples should discuss all the big issues when they decide to marry.
    Frage, Kernpunkt, Thema
  45. judgement

    The region of the brain that controls judgement is not fully mature until 20.
    Urteilsvermögen, Beurteilung
  46. key to sth.

    The key to happiness for all is calm negotiation.
    Schlüssel zu, Lösung für
  47. lack of

    It shows a lack of respect.
    Mangel an
  48. lay the table
    Tisch decken
  49. lazy
  50. make a fuss
    ein Theater machen
  51. make a mess
    Unordnung machen
  52. make a promise
    ein Versprechen geben
  53. make an appointment
    Termin machen
  54. make an effort

    You'll have to make an effort if you want to go to university.
    sich anstrengen
  55. make an excuse
    sich entschuldigen
  56. make decisions

    Many teenagers can't make good decisions.
    Entschlüsse fassen
  57. make friends

    I joined the sports club to make friends.
    Freunde finden
  58. make the bed
    Bett machen
  59. mature
    • reif
    • unreif
  60. mind your own business

    Can't you mind your own business!
    sich um die eigenen Angelegenheiten kümmern
  61. negotiation

    The key to happiness is calm negotiation.
  62. nervous
  63. occasionally

    Vicky and her father occasionally take exercise together
  64. on average

    On average, women spend three hours a day on housework and cooking.
    im Durchschnitt
  65. only child

    I'm an only child, I have no brothers or sisters.
  66. pass a test

    Max has passed his driving test.
    einen Test bestehen
  67. polite
    • höflich
    • unhöflich
  68. public transport

    In Switzerland we hardly have any problems with puplic transport.
    öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
  69. quiet
  70. recently

    Until recently, scientists assumed that the brain stopped growing at 13.
  71. regard sth. as

    Regard it as something that benefits both of us.
    etwas betrachten als
  72. relaxed
  73. responsibility

    Children enjo a world free of responsibility
  74. responsible
    • verantwortungsbewusst
    • unverantwortungsbewusst
  75. rude
  76. run a shop

    We can't leave her to run the shop - she's only been working here a few days.
    einen Laden betreiben
  77. sensitive
    • empfindlich, sensible
    • unempfindlich, unsensible
  78. sensible

    Do yo really think that's the most sensible thing to do?
    • vernünftig
    • unvernünftig
  79. share a flat

    I prefer to share a flat with my friends than live with my family.
    Wohnung teilen
  80. sporty

    I do sporty things with my friends than live with my family.
  81. stepdaughter

    She has a 16-year old stepdaughter
  82. stressful

    My work is as stressful as my husband's
    anstrengend, aufreibend
  83. strict
  84. suggest doing sth.

    He suggested going to see the match.
  85. sweep

    I let my children sweep the floor for me
  86. tactful
    • taktvoll
    • taktlos
  87. talkative
  88. tend to do sth.

    Parents tend to complain too often.
    neigen zu
  89. tidy

    unsauber, unordentlich
    sauber, ordentlich
  90. treat (treatment)

    You can't continue to treat them the same way.
  91. trust

    You should trust your children
  92. ultimately

    His job is ultimately more important than his parent's
    letztlich, schliesslich
  93. upset

    You'd be very upset.
    aufgebracht, bestürzt
  94. urge sb. to do sth.

    He urged me to take up tennis
    jdn. drängen etwas zu tun
  95. vital

    It's vital to choose your battles carefully.
  96. yet

    Yet parents don't seem to have discovered how to do it.
  97. youth hostel

    It would be a good idea to stay in a youth hostel.
  98. bring up

    I have been brought up to do the right thing.
  99. clear up the mess

    They have to clear up any mess.
    Sauerei aufräumen
  100. deal with sb.

    A new approach to dealing with difficlut teenagers.
    umgehen mit
  101. look after
    take care of

    My grandparents helped to look after me whne I was small.
    auf jdn. aufpassen
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