#1. Studying US latinos

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  1. defining latino
    segment of the U.S population that traces its descent to the spanish-speaking, carribean, and latin american worlds

    *by suarez-orozco and paez
  2. latino population size in US
    2010: 16 percent of population

    • 63= mexicans
    • 9= PR
    • 4= cubans
  3. 3 largest latino groups
    mexicans, PR, cubans
  4. Geographic distirbution
    -mostly concentrated in West or South
  5. most significant growth during 2000-2010?
    south and midwest
  6. 3 main states that contain most latinos?
    • -California
    • -Texas
    • -Florida
  7. Other states that contain many latinos beside the 3?
    • -N.Y
    • -Illinois
    • -Arizona
    • -NJ
    • - Colorado
  8. Sociological imagination
    • -personal troubles linked to bigger public issues
    • *see invisible forces
  9. How many stages are there for development of social sciences?
  10. 1st stage of social science of latinos
    -1960s and early 1970s

    theoritical framework conflict
  11. (1st stage) Theoritical framework conflict
    -perspective focuses on inequality and conflict between different racial and ethnic groups

    -internal colonialism, imperilism, dependency, racism, and mode of production.
  12. 2nd stage of social science of latinos

    -shift to quantitive analysis

    -greater attention to iimgration. interest in new latino groups from central and south america and from the carribean

    -focuses on the "what and how" vs "why", on their daily lives
  13. 3rd stage of social science of latinos

    -draws on various perspectives

    -a move to understand in more detail about latinos

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#1. Studying US latinos
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