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Geometry Chapter 1
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Geometry Chapter 1 California Holt
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  1. Acute Angle
    An angle that measures less than 90° and greater than 0°
  2. Adjacent Angles
    Two angles with the same plane which share a common vertex and a common side, but no interior points
  3. Angle
    A figure formed by two rays with a common endpoint. 
  4. Angle Bisector
    Ray that divides an angle into 2 congruent halves
  5. Area
    The number of nonoverlapping squares of a given size that will exactly cover the interior of a plane figure
  6. Base
    Any side of a triangle
  7. Between
    Given point B beetween A and C, the measure od AB+BC=AC
  8. Bisect
    To cut into two congruent parts
  9. Circumference
    The distance around the the outside of a circle
  10. Collinear
    Points that lie on the same line
  11. Complementary Angles
    Two angles whose measurements have a sum of 90°
  12. Congruent Angles
    Angles that have the exact same measure
  13. Congruent Segments
    2 segments that have the exact same length
  14. Construction
    A precise way of creating a figure which use the straightedge and the compass, geometry software, or paper folding
  15. Coordinate
    A coordinate tells the location of a point on a line. 2 coordinates tells the location of a point on the plane. 3 coordinates tells the location of a point  in space.
  16. Coordinate Plane
    The plane that is divided into 4 regions by a horizontal line called the x-axis and a vertical line called the y-axis
  17. Coplanar
    Points that lie on the same plane
  18. Degree
    A unit of angle measurement equal to  of a complete circle
  19. Diameter
    A line segment that has endpoints on the circle and passes through the center of the circle or the legth of that segment
  20. Distance
    The absolute value of the difference of the coordinates of the points
  21. Endpoint
    A point at the end of a segment or the starting point of a ray
  22. Exterior of an Angle
    The set of all points outside an angle
  23. Interior of an Angle
    The set of all points between the sides of an angle
  24. Height
    The segment from a vertex that forms a right angle with a line containing the base
  25. Hypotenuse
    The side opposite of the right angle in a right triangle
  26. Image
    A shape that results from transformation of a preimage
  27. Leg
    1 of the 2 sides that form the right angle in a right triangle
  28. Length
    The distance between 2 endpoints of a segment
  29. Line
    An undefined term in geometry and is a straight path that has no thickness and extends forever
  30. Linear Pair
    A pair of adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays
  31. Measure
    A unit of length or degree
  32. Midpoint
    The point that divides a segment into 2 congruent segments
  33. Obtuse Angle
    An angle that measures greater than 90° and less than 180°
  34. Opposite Rays
    Two rays that have a common endpoint and form a line
  35. Perimeter
    The sum of the side lengths of a closed plane figure
  36. Pi
    The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
  37. Plane
    An undefined term in geometry and is a flat surface that has no thickness and extends forever
  38. Point
    An undefined term in geometry that names a location and has no size
  39. Postulate
    A statement that is accepted to be true without proof
  40. Preimage
    The original  figure in a transformation
  41. Radius
    A line segment whose endpoints are the center of a circle and a point on the circle and also means the length of this segment
  42. Ray
    A part of a line starting at an endpoint and extends forever in one direction
  43. Reflection
    A transformation across a line of reflection, so that the line of reflection is the perpendicular bisector of each segment joining each point and its image
  44. Right Angle
    An angle that measues 90°
  45. Rotation
    A transformation in which a plane figure turns around a fixed center of rotation, so that each point and its image ate the same distance away from the center of rotation
  46. Segment
    A part of a line consisting of 2 endpoints and all the points between them
  47. Segment Bisector
    A line, a ray, or a segment that divides segment into two congruent segments
  48. Straight Angle
    An angle that measures 180°
  49. Supplementary Angles
    Two angles whose measures have a sum of 180°
  50. Transformations
    A change in the position, size, or shape of a figure or graph
  51. Translation
    A transformation that shifts ot slides every point of a figure or graph the same distance in the same direction
  52. Vertex
    The common endpoint of the rays of an angle
  53. Vertical Angles
    The nonadjacent angles formed by 2 intersecting lines
  54. Undefined Term
    A basic figure that is not defined in terms of other figures
  55. Points, Lines, and Planes Postulates
    1. Through 2 points there is exactly 1 line

    2. Through any 3 noncolliner points there is exactly one plane containing them

    3. If 2 points lie in a plane, then the line containing those points lie in the plane
  56. Intersection of Lines and Planes Postulates
    1. If 2 lines intersect, then they intersect in exactly 1 point

    2. If 2 planes intersect, then they intersect in exactly one line
  57. Ruler Postulate
    The points on a line can be put into a one-to-one correspendence with the real numbers
  58. Segment Addition Postulate
    If B is between A and C then AB+BC=AC
  59. Protractor Postulate
    Given AB and a point O on AB, all rays that can be drawn from O can be put into a one-to-one correspondence with real numbers from 0 to 180
  60. Angle Addition Postulate
    If S is in the interior of angle PQR then m angle PQS + m angle SQR = m angle PQR

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