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  1. What is the definition of Anotomy?
    • The study of the structure of the human body.
    • ana=on/up/backwards/towards
    • tomy= cutting

    Putting things together from slices
  2. What is the definition of Physiology?
    • The study of the function of the human body.
    • -most important branch is the study of homeostasis.
  3. What are the subdivisions of anatomy?
    • Embryology- The first 8 weeks of development
    • Developmental Biology- All stages of development
    • Cell Biology- Cell structure and function
    • Histology- Microscopic structure of tissue
    • Surface Anatomy- Surface markings of the body
    • Gross Anstomy- Structures viewed w/o a microscope
    • Systemic Anatomy- Structure of a specific system
    • Regional Anatomy- Specific regions of the body
    • Radiographic Anatomy- Body structures visualized with X-ray, CT, or MRI
    • Pathological Anatomy- Structural changes with disease
  4. What are the Subdivisions of Physiology?
    • Neurophysiology- Functional properties of nerve cells.
    • Endocrinology- Hormones and how they control body function
    • Cardiovascular- Function of the heart and blood vessels
    • Immunology- How the body defends itself against disease causing agents
    • Respiratory physiology- Function of the air passageways and lungs.
    • Renal physiology- Function of the kidneys
    • Exercise physiology- Changes in cell and organ functions as a result of muscular acivity
    • Pathophysiology- Functional changes associated eith disease and aging
  5. Levels of Organization of the Human Body?
    • Chemical - Atomic and Molecular
    • Cellular
    • Tissue
    • Organ
    • System
    • Organism
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