Introduction To Biology Today

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  1. Biology
    Is the scientific study of life.
  2. All living things display... (7 things)
    • order
    • regulation
    • growth and development
    • energy utilization
    • responce to the environment
    • reproduction
    • evolution
  3. Biosphere
    Includes all environments on earth that suports life.
  4. Ecosystem
    Living and non-livingthings in an environment.

    (Air, Water, Plants, Animals)
  5. Communities
    All living things in an environment.
  6. Populations
    One species

  7. Organism
    An individual living thing.
  8. Tissues
    A group of similar cells preforming a specific function.
  9. Cells
    Smallest unit of life that can display all charactoristics of life.
  10. Organells
    Functional componets of cells.

  11. Molecules
    Clusters of atoms
  12. Atoms
    Smallest unit of matter that retains the properties of an element.
  13. Prokaryotic
    Simple and small with no organells.

  14. Eukaryotic
    large, complex, contains organells.

    (plants and animals)

    Nucleus is the largeswt organel in this cell.
  15. Genes
    Are the units of inheritance that transmits information from parents to offspring.
  16. What are the four letters in DNA
    A, G, C, T
  17. Genome
    The book of genetic instructions that an organism inherits.
  18. 3 Domains of life
    • Bacteria -> prokaryotic cells
    • Archaea ->prokaryotic cells
    • Eukara -> plant, fungi animilia protists (single cell)
  19. What are the two main points in Darwin's book?
    • Descents with modifications
    • Natural selection
  20. Darwin's observations
    over population and competition (100 eggs layed by one femail)

    individual variation (hair, skin, eyes)
  21. Artificial selection
    Selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals by humans.

    (dog breeds)
  22. Natural selection
    Strongest and fittest survive to breed.
  23. Discovery science
    varifiable observations and mesurments.
  24. Hypothesis driven science
    The key elements of the scientific method.
  25. Theory
    Much broader in scoope then a hypothesis.
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