Africa Geo pt.1

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  1. 4,132 miles
  2.  headwaters in Burundi
  3.  forms a prototypical delta
  4. arises from Ethiopia's Lake Tana
    Blue Nile
  5. Nile's biggest tributary
    Blue Nile
  6. Lake Victoria, at...
  7. the first of the Nile's six cataracts is
    Aswan High Dam
  8. Aswan High Dam, which forms
    Lake Nasser
  9. Africa's second-longest river
  10. it flows in a counterclockwise arc some 2,900 miles
    Congo River
  11. The Upper Congo's principal sources....
    • Lualaba
    • and Zambia's Chambeshi River
  12. rises in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Katanga province
  13. formerly Stanley Falls
    Boyoma Falls
  14. a section of seven cataracts near Kisangani
    Boyoma Falls
  15. marks the beginning of the Congo River proper
  16. Forming the Malebo Pool
    Lower congo
  17. Malebo Pool near
    Kinshasa and Brazzaville
  18.  flows past Angola's Cabinda exclave
    Lower Congo
  19. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness depicts
    cruel conditions the Congo basin endured as a Belgian colony
  20. rises in eastern Angola
  21.  flows along the borders of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe
  22. passes through Zambia
  23. crosses through Mozambique
  24. enters the Indian Ocean's Mozambique Channel near
  25.  created to allow access the Zambezi
    Namibia's Caprivi Strip
  26.  form large lakes of the same name on Zambezi
    Cabora Bassa and Kariba Dams
  27. Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya
  28.  Mosi-oa-Tunya means
    ("the smoke that thunders"),
  29. is the largest waterfall by flow rate in Africa
    Victoria Falls
  30. separates Zambia and Zimbabwe
  31. Africa's third-longest
  32. through Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria
  33.  entering the Gulf of Guinea
  34. Empires were centered on the Niger
    Mali and Songhai
  35. mapped by Scottish explorer Mungo Park in the 1790s
  36.  it receives the Benue River in Nigeria
  37. Niger Delta, known for
    its fisheries, wildlife, and petroleum, is an area of increasing social unrest
  38. Limpopo river extension in South Africa
    Crocidile River
  39. Crocidile river in
    South Africa's Witwatersrand region
  40.  forms the Transvaal's border with Botswana and Zimbabwe
  41. then crosses through Mozambique (not zambezi)
  42.  contributed to massive flooding of the Limpopo in 2000
     Deforestation in Mozambique
  43.  Rudyard Kipling, who in "The Elephant's Child" referred to it as "the great grey-green, greasy ----- River, all set about with fever-trees".
  44. Okavango flows for about 1,000 miles
  45.  from central Angola, through Namibia's Caprivi Strip, and into the Kalahari Desert of Botswana
  46. terminates in a massive inland swamp known
  47. The world's second-largest freshwater lake by area
  48. shared between Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania
    Lake Victoria
  49.  its lone outlet is the Victoria Nile
  50.  a precursor of the White Nile
    Victoria Nile
  51.   Named Lake Victoria
    British explorer John Hanning Speke
  52. the introduction of the predatory Nile perch in the 1950s has caused environmental degradation, sending many native cichlid species into extinction
  53. Africa's second-largest lake by area
    lake tanganykia
  54. the second-deepest in the world
  55. deepest lake in the world
  56. contains seven times as much water as Lake Victoria
    lake tanganyika
  57. 4,700 ft deep
    lake tanganyika
  58. Lualaba River source
    lake tanganyika
  59. it is shared by Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Zambia
  60. its Tanzanian shore is the town of Ujiji
  61. "found" Dr. David Livingstone in 1871.
    Henry Morton Stanley
  62. or Lake Nyasa
    Lake Malawi
  63. Africa's third-largest lake by area
  64. southernmost of the Great Rift Valley lakes
  65. between the nations of Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique
  66. between the nations of Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique
  67. its lone outlet is the Shire River
    lake malawi
  68. a tributary of the Zambezi
    Shire river
  69. contains hundreds of species of endemic fish, especially cichlids
    lake malawi
  70. The largest manmade lake, by area, in the world
    LAke volta
  71. created by the construction of Ghana's Akosombo Dam in 1960
  72. covers the area where the Black Volta and White Volta rivers
  73. enough to supply nearby aluminum smelters utilizing the energy-intensive Hall-Héroult process and the needs of the rest of the country.
    akombo dam
  74. Formerly Africa's fourth-largest lake
    lake chad
  75. pink lake (and country)
    lake Retba in Senegal
  76. its surface area has been reduced by over 90% since the 1960s due to droughts and diversion of water from such sources
    lake chad
  77. source of lake chad
     Chari River
  78.  The lake is at the intersection of Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon
    lake chad
  79. very shallow and has no outlet, so seasonal rainfall causes large fluctuations in its arealake chad
    lake chad
  80. Cities lying Lake Chad
     Bol and N’guigmi
  81. When its water levels are high, its water is diverted through a string of basins called the Soro
    Lake Chad
  82. Lake Chad's water is also discharged into the
    Bodélé Depression
  83. It is partially fed by the Yobe River
    Lake chad
  84.  it separated into northern and southern basins by the Great Barrier
    Lake Chad
  85.  there was a proposal to divert the Ubangi River into this lake to maintain its volume
    Lake Chad
  86. depth is only 11 meters
    Lake Chad
  87.   Cameroon and Niger were once in conflict over who actually had control
    lake chad
  88. 704 foot Kalambo Falls
    lake tanganyika
  89. lak tanganyika cities
    Mpala and Bujumbura
  90. The Malagarasi and Ruizi rivers flow into this lake
    lake tanganyika
  91. tanganyika's largest outlet
    Lukuga River
  92. boundary between Congo and Tanzania
    lake tanganyika
  93. name this lake located southeast of Lake Tanganyika
    lake malawi
  94. The largest river flowing into this lake is the Ruhuhu River
  95.  the HMS Gwendolyn destroyed the German boat Hermann von Wissemann
    lake malawi
  96. The Ripon (RIP-uhn) Falls at the outflow of this body of water are now submerged
    lake victoria
  97.  the Winam (WIN-am) Gulf and the Sese (SAY-SAY) archipelago
    lake victoria
  98.  Speke (SPEAK) Gulf is named for one explorer of this lake
    lake victoria
  99.  Kagera (kuh-GAIR-uh) River
    lake victoria
  100. Kampala (KAHM-pah-lah), the capital of (*) Uganda, is located nearby
    lake victoria
  101.  Kendu and Homa Bays
  102. Near the city of Jinja,
    lake victoria
  103. lake victoria dam
    the Owen Falls Dam
  104. owens falls dam power station
    Nalubaale Power Station
  105. largest island in lake victoria
    Ukerewe Island is the largest island
  106. lake victoria islands
    Ssese Islands
  107. Three-foot wooden sculptures carved by the Kerewe are found on the largest island in this body of water
    Lake Victoria
  108. receives the Kagera River
    lake victoria
  109. lake victoria extends into (gulf)
     Kavirondo Gulf
  110. Lake Victoria includes parts of
    Emin Pasha Gulf and Speke Gulf
  111. In 2006 a new species of the predatory Raiamas genus of fish was discovered in a tributary of this river, the Inkisi River, and other tributaries of it include the Lomami
    Congo River
  112. This second most voluminous river
    Lake Congo
  113. includes a tributary that also runs through Angola
  114. Angolan Congo River tributary
     Kasai River
  115.  Livingstone Falls on this river
    Congo River
  116. A railroad beginning at Matadi
    Congo river
  117. Congo River Falls
    • Stanley Falls
    • Boyoma Falls
    • Livingstone Falls
  118. At Boyoma falls, Congo River becomes..
     Lualaba River
  119. Congo sources
    • Lake Mweru
    • Lake Tanganyika
  120.  Inga Dam
    Congo River
  121. double the output of Three Gorges Dam
    Inga Dam, Congo River
  122. explored Congo River
    Diogo Cam and James Tuckey
  123. Congo enters ocean at
  124. Kisangani pool
    Congo river
  125. Largest Congo Tributaries
    Chambeshi, Lualaba and Ubangi rivers
  126. Congo River flows through these cities
    Mbandaka, Boma and Matadi
  127. Lake Moeris was once connected by the Bahr Yussef canal into this river
  128. Nile's farthest outreach
    Akagera River and the Coptic-Church monastery paradise of Lake Tana
  129.  "Sea of the Mountains"
    Nile River
  130. Lake No
    Nile River
  131. Nile power station
     Kiira Power Station
  132.  Kiira Power Station dam on Nile
    Merowe Dam
  133. Cities on Nile
    Juba and Jinja
  134. One tributary of this river has its origin at Lake Tana
  135. and meets another tributary near (*) Khartoum
  136. The al-Sudd marsh is formed by the primary tributary of this river
  137.  known as the “Albert” branch before it reaches Nimule
  138. tributary of this river is also called the Abbay and originates in Lake Tana
  139. Rosetta and Damietta branches
  140. The Atbarah (“ott-BAR-uh”) is an arm of this river that starts at Lake Tana
  141. Nile Bridge
    The October 6 Bridge spans this river
  142. Nile Basin
     Rurubu and Kagera Rivers
  143. Nile Takes a sharp turn at
    Qena after flowing to Armant
  144. Nile source
    The Angereb River is one of its sources
  145. Sudd wetlands
  146. Vasco de Gama named it the Espiritu Santo River
  147. Limpopo  joins the Marico River ..
    at the Bushveld Basin
  148. Limpopo river is unnavigable until its confluence with the
  149. Limpopo reaches the fall line after receiving...
    Shashi River
  150. Limpopo dam
    Hartbeespoort Dam
  151. shares its name with a province with capital at Polokwane
  152. mouth of Limpopo
  153. Waterburg Biosphere
    Limpopo River
  154. forms part of the Botswana-Zimbabwe border before joining Limpopo
  155. Olifants River
  156. This river rises out of a bog near Kalene Hill
  157. Zambezi's largest contributer
    Kafue River
  158. Zambezi falls
    • Ngonye Falls
    • Chavuma
  159. Zambezi plains
    • Sheseke Plains
    • Barotse
  160. Joins Cuando river
  161. Zambezi dams
    Kariba and Cahora Bassa
  162. silt removal to ease transportation between the cities of Baro and Warri
    Niger River
  163. Niger Explorer
    Explorer Mungo Park
  164. Niger Cities
    Segou, Djenne, and Timbuktu
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