Sports & Med.

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  1. Athletic Training
    the division of sports medicine that deals with the care & prevention of athletic injuries & the management of training methods used by professional or amateur athletes & the active population
  2. Board of Certification
    • the certifying organization for the athletic trainer.
    • -mission being, certify athletic trainers & to identify for the public quality health care professionals through a system of certifications, adjudication, standards of practice & continuing competancy programs
  3. Certified Athletic Trainer
    allied health care professional educated & trained in the prevention, assessment, treatment, & rehabilitation of injuries
  4. Health Maintenance Organization
    group health care plan that provides a predetermined, prepaid medical care benefit package
  5. National Athletic Trainers
    a not-for-profit advancement, encouragement, & improvement of the organization that is commited to the athletic training professsion
  6. Physical Fitness Program
    a method of exercise designed to prepare an individual to become physically able to do activities he/she wishes to do in daily life, without causing undue physical stress
  7. Physical Therapy Assistant
    an individual who has earned a two-year associate's degree & is involved in clinical tasks such as patient care & recording treatments, under direct supervision of a physical therapist
  8. Physical Therapy Aide
    an individual who is not licensed but is able to perform clerical tasks under direct supervision of a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant
  9. Sports Medicine
    • the branch of health care that deals with evaluating athletes & preventing & treating injuries.
    • -these athletes with range froim wheelchair basketball players to extreame skier
  10. Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    a professional member of the sports medicine team who evaluates existing levels of fitness & athleticism, along with helping increase strength & endurance of an individual or team while promoting a healthier lifestyle

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