APUSH- Ch. 6 Vocab

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  1. Samuel de Champlain
    "Father of New France," a soldier and explorer who explored and helped found Quebec
  2. New France
  3. Jesuits
    French Catholic missionaries who were tortured by Indians. Though unsuccessful in conversion, they became important explorers and geographers
  4. Robert de La Salle
    Explored the Mississippi down to the Gulf of Mexico, naming the basin "Louisiana" after King Louis XIV
  5. King William’s War
    It was the first of six colonial wars fought between New France and New England along with their respective Native alliesbefore Britain eventually defeated France in North America in 1763.
  6. Treaty of Utrecht 1713
    The treaty ending the first two French-American wars, giving Britain - Acadia, Newfoundland, and Hudson Bay
  7. King George’s War
    operations in North America that formed part of the War of the Austrian Succession (1740–1748). It was the third of the four French and Indian Wars.
  8. Fort Duquesne
    The scene of a humiliating British defeat, whose forces were ill-disciplined militiamen. French and Indian army hid in the foliage, and fired into the ranks of the British, leading to a resounding defeat
  9. Fort Necessity
    George Washington's hastily constructed fort, which was beseiged by the French, forcing Washington to surrender
  10. French and Indian War
    A war which would eventually be a British victory, one of the great turning points of American history
  11. Seven Years’ War
    The Europeans name for "French and Indian War"
  12. Albany Plan of Union
    A meeting of leaders of several colonies that was meant to achieve colonial unity and create a defense against France
  13. William Pitt
    A competent British leader, known as the "Great Commoner," who managed to destroy New France from the inside and end the Seven Year's War
  14. James Wolfe
    The officer who was put in charge of capturing Quebec. He died in this attack, but it became a British victory
  15. Pontiac
    An Ottawa chief who led several tribes and some French traders in an attempt to push the British out of Ohio, which failed after the British distributed smallpox-ridden blankets to the Indians
  16. Daniel Boone
    Boone is most famous for his exploration and settlement of what is now Kentucky, which was then part of Virginia but on the other side of the mountains from the settled areas. 
  17. Proclamation of 1763
    A largely ignored proclamation that banned the British colonies from expanding past the Appalachians
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