The sound of thunder

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  1. patch
    a small area differing in colour or texture from its surroundings
  2. pit
    a large hole in the ground (tar pid - pozo de brea)
  3. rustle
    make a soft crackling sound
  4. roar
    a loud, deep sound made by a lion, engine, or person who is angry, amused or in pain
  5. teeming
    abounding or swarming with something
  6. waxes
    to become bigger or stronger
  7. throttled
    attack or kill bu choking or strangling
  8. slay
    violently kill
  9. onward
    in a forward direction
  10. loins
    sex organs
  11. spring
    to come into being, rise or arise within a short time
  12. boil down to
    if a situation  BDT you mean that this is the most important aspect of it
  13. prey
    an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food
  14. vulture
    a large bird of prey that feeds mainly on dead animals
  15. snort
    make a loud explosive sound by forcing breath out through the nose
  16. finicky
    more complicated that necessary and difficult to deal with
  17. graft
    idiom: a lot of money
  18. moist / damp
    slightly wet
  19. tar
    a dark, thick liquid distilled from wood or coal
  20. laid (lay)
    put something down - gently or carefully - in position for use
  21. fronds
    an often large, finely divided leaf
  22. feathery
    clothed or covered with feathers the principal covering of birds
  23. fern
    a plant which has feathery fronds and no flowers
  24. steam
    the hot vapour into which water is converted when heated
  25. wilderness
    a wild, uninhabitated, and unwelcoming region
  26. struck off
    to go in a particular direction in a way that shows energy or determination
  27. blazed
    burn or shine fiercely of brightly
  28. wrinkles
    a slight line or fold, especially in fabric or a person's skin
  29. leap
    jump high or a long way / move quicklu and suddenly
  30. salamanders
    a small animal, similar to a lizard that lives both on land and in water
  31. chars
    the blackened remains of a fire
  32. wording
    the way in which something is worded
  33. parchment
    a stiff material made from the skin of a sheep or goat and used for writing on
  34. tangle
    a twisted, knotted mass
  35. sliding
    move along a smooth surface while remaining in contact with it
  36. pad (padded)
    fill or cover with padding soft material used to pad or stuff something
  37. sway
    move slowly and rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side
  38. tear
    pull something apart
  39. cupping
    place your courved hand or hands around
  40. flee
    run away
  41. tremble (trembling)
    shake in a way that you cannot control, usually as a result of fear
  42. quaver
    shake or vibrate slightly
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