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  1. Which of the following is Principal disadvantage of the use of an Area Beam in digital radiography
    a. Increased Patient Dose
    b. Lack of postexamination processing
    c. Reduced Spatial Resolution
    d. Scatter Radiation
    e. Short exposure time
    d. Scatter radiation
  2. Rapid translation of the Source-collimator-dector assembly across the Patient during scanned projection Digital radiography will do which of the Following?
    a. Improve Contrast resolution
    b. Reduce Spatial resolution
    c. Reduce System noise
    d. Require Higher kVp
    e. Slow the examination
    • b. Reduce Spatial Resolution
  3. Digital Radiography:
    a. Has better Spation Resolution
    b. Is Faster
    c. Produces an initial image in Analog form
    d. Requires Computer processing
    e. Uses film as the image receptor
    d. Requires Computer processing
  4. A scanned projection Radiogrpah (SPR):
    a. Has Better Spatial Resolutin
    b. Has Worse Contrast than digital fluoroscopy
    c. Is like a tomograph
    d. Is Virtually Scatter-free
    e. Removes Superposition of structures
    d. Is Virtually Scatter-Free
  5. Which of the following is a part of SPR?
    a. Analog-to digital converter
    b. Area Beam
    c. Data acquistion system
    d. Detector array
    e. Video monitor
    d. Detector array
  6. The x-ray tube in Digital radiography must have high heat capacity beacuse of?
    a. High kVp
    b. High mA
    c. Longer Exposure time
    d. Reduced spatial resolution
    e. The number of images acquired
    e. The number of images acquired
  7. The principal advantage of the use of an Area beam in Digital radiography is?
    a. Improved contrast resolution
    b. Low patient dose
    c. Postexamination processing
    d. Scatter radiation rejection
    e. Short exposure time
    e. shorter exposure time
  8. Which of the following is an advantage of an area beam over SPR in digital radiography?
    a. Improved contrast
    b. Improved Spatial Resolution
    c. Less technique reqiured
    d. Low noise
    e. Reduced motion blur
    e. Reduced motion blu
  9. Which of the following is used as an Image receptor in digital radiography?
    a. An image intensifier
    b. CaWo4
    c. CdWO4
    d. SE
    e. Rare earth hosphors
    d. SE (a-SE: Amorphous Selenium=DR)
  10. The principal disadvantage of Area-beam digital radiography is?
    a. Edge enhancement
    b. Longer exposure time
    c. Noise
    d. Poor Contrast resolution
    e. Poor Spatial Resolution
    d. Poor contrast resolution
  11. A digital image contructed on a 512x 512 matrix will have how many pixels?
    a. 512
    b. 1024
    c. 5122
    d. 10242
    e. 1636
    c. 5122
  12. The minimun matrix size for an acceptable radiographic image is probably?
    a. 24 x 24
    b. 26 x 26
    c. 28 x 28
    d. 210 x 210
    e. 211 x 211
    • e. 211 x 211
  13. which of the following is Normally unique to digital Radiography?
    a. A detector array
    b. Area x-ray beam
    c. Fast image access
    d. Remasking
    c. Fast image access
  14. The image receptor in CR is?
    a. a-Se
    b. a-Si
    c. BaFICI
    d. CaWO4
    e. CdWO4
    c. BaFICI (Barium Fluorohalide photstimulable phosphor)-->in CR
  15. Which of the following used as radiation dectector in digital radiography
    a. BGO
    b. CdWO4
    c. Ceramic
    d. Selenium
    e. Xenon
    d. Selenium
  16. The principal limitation of the SPR mode of digital radiography is ?
    a. Cost
    b. Examination time
    c. Image noise
    d. Patient dose
    e. Spatial Resolution
    b. Examination time
  17. An x-ray system used for digital radiography must have which of the following
    a. A high heat capacity x-ray tube
    b. a Modem
    c. A rapid film changer
    d. Access to the internet
    e. At least two video monitors
    a. Hight heat capacity x-ray tube
  18. Spatial Resolution is improved in SPR by:
    a. Speeding up the Examination
    b. Tighter colliamation
    c. Using a higher heat capacity tube
    d. Using an imaging-intersifier tube
    e. Using more detector per degree
    e. Using more detector per degree
  19. The principal advantage of a fan-shaped x-ray beamover an area x-ray beam is?
    a. Examination time
    b. Hybrid image
    c. Less heat generated
    d. Reduced patient dose
    e. Scatter radiation rejection
    e. Reduced patient does
  20. Temporal subtraction in digital fluoroscopy:
    a. Can produce misregistered images
    b. Requires rapid kVp switching
    c. Reslult in higher dose than energy subtraction
    d. Takes longer than film subtraction
    e. Uses alternating x-ray beam filters
    a. Can produce misregistered iamges
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