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  1. Where are the inorganic chemicals stored?
    Inorganic chemicals are stored on the black shelve and are arraged by their anions
  2. Where are the dangerous acids stored?
    In the yellow protective box.
  3. where are the solid chemicals going to be while we are working in the lab?
    On the black tables on each side of the lab
  4. what must you have on at all times?
  5. what is the # accident in the lab?
    psomething with peoples eyes
  6. where will tehe liquid solutions be layed out while working in the lab?
    inside the fume hood
  7. beaker
  8. it has a lip for pooring. You can boil,mix, transport, qualitate, and can measure solutions/ chemicals. Its cheap
  9. Erlenmeyer Flask
  10. no lip, you can store things over the night, you can find volume
    erlenmeyer flask
  11. volumetric flask
  12. for dilutions, very accurate
    volumetric flask
  13. buret
  14. extremely precise, titration, most EXPENsive
  15. stirring rod
  16. for stirring. VERY CHEAP
    stirring rod
  17. test tube
  18. CHEAP. to view a reaction. it doesnt measure
    test tube/ watch glass
  19. watch glass
  20. Alcohol Thermometer
  21. red indicator, cheaper/ not dangerous, low temperatures
    Alcohol Thermometer
  22. mercury Thermometer
  23. silver indicator, more expensive& dangerous, larger temperature range
    Mercury Thermometer
  24. scoopula
  25. striker
  26. to start a bunsen burner
  27. bunsen burner
  28. ring stand
  29. wire gauze
  30. evaporating dish
  31. for evaporating a liquid
    evaporating dish
  32. parafilm
  33. used as like a plastc lid
  34. metal tongs
  35. to pick up crucibles
    metal tongs
  36. beaker tong
  37. to pick up beakers
    beaker tongs
  38. crucible
  39. to ash a solid
  40. graduated cylinder
  41. to find volume, its precise but not that precise. 
    graduated cylinder
  42. motar and pestle
  43. to grind a solid into pouder
    motar and pestle

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