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  1. What is Anatomy?
    • -Study of Structure
    • -Greek for "cut up" or "cut open"
  2. What is Physiology?
    -The study of function
  3. Define- Microscopic(a.k.a histology)
    -Structures too small to be seen with the unaided eye
  4. Define-Gross
    Structures that CAN be seen with the unaided eye
  5. Define- Comparative Anatomy
    Examines similarities and differences in anatomy of species.

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  6. Define- Developmental Anatomy
    Study of Structure changes within an individual from conception through maturity
  7. Define- Embryology
    • – Study of developmental changes occurring prior
    • to birth

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  8. Name 3 Gross(can be seen wtih the naked eye) Sub Disciplines
    1. Regional Anatomy- study of structures within a single region....head, neck or abdomen

    2. Systemic Anatomy- study of structures involved with a specific activity....digestion or reproduction

    3. Surface Anatomy- study of internal structures as their locations relate to regions of skin or other surface markings
  9. Identify the major levels of Structural Organization of the Human Body(hint-there are 7)
    • Atoms
    • Molecules
    • Cells
    • Tissue
    • Organs
    • Systems
    • Organism

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    • don't have to name macromolecule or organelle
  10. Characteristics of a "Living" Organism
    (*there are 7)
    • 1. Organization
    • 2. Metabolism
    • 3. Growth and Development
    • 4. Responsiveness
    • 5. Adaption
    • 6. Regulation
    • 7. Reproduction
  11. Name 11* Organ Systems in the Human Body
    (*counting male and female reproductive systems separately=12)
    R.U.N. M.R.S. L.I.D.E.C.
    • Respiratory
    • Urinary
    • Nervous
    • Muscular
    • Reproductive
    • Skeletal
    • Lymphatic
    • Digestive
    • Cardiovascuar
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  12. Characteristics of the Anatomic Position
    • Standing upright
    • Feet parallel and on the floor
    • Head level and looking forward
    • Arms at side of body
    • Palms facing forward and thumbs pointing away from body
    • *This keeps everyone on the same page when you are talking
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  13. Define- Section
    -An actual cut or slice through a structure

    -or a piece remeved by slicing a structure
  14. Define- Planes
    Name the 3 Anatomic Planes
    -Imaginary flat surfaces passing through the body or an organ

    • 1. Coronal(frontal) plane{kawr-uh-nl}
    • - divides the body into anterior(front) and posterior(back) parts

    • 2. Transverse(horizontal) plane{trans-vurs}
    • -divides the body into superior (upper) and inferior(lower) parts

    • 3. Midsagittal(median) plane
    • -divides the body into equal left and right halves
    • *safittal planes divide the body into unequal left and right parts
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  15. Define Axial[ak-see-uhl]
    • Head, neck, trunk(vertical axis of the body)
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  16. Define Appendicular[ap-uhn-dik-yuh-ler]
    • Upper and lower limbs(appendages)
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  17. Posterior Cavities:
    *Cranial: formed by skull bones

    • *Vertebral[vur-tuh-bruhl]: formed by vertebral column bones
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  18. Ventral Cavities
    *Thoracic[thaw-ras-ik]the superior cavity

    • *Abdominopelvic: the inferior cavity(physically seprated by the diaphram
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  19. Ventral cavities are lined by a thin serous membrane
    *Parietal layer[puh-rahy-i-tl] 
    *Visceral layer
    *Parietal layer[puh-rahy-i-tl]-lines the internal surface of the body wall

    • *Visceral layer[vis-er-uhl]-covers the external surface of organs in the cavity
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  20. Thoracic Cavity[thawr-uh-kuhl]
    • Thoracic Cavity[thawr-uh-kuhl]
    • the heart is located in a middle compartment called mediastinum
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  21. Pericardium[per-i-kahr-dee-uhm] 
    *Visceral pericardium
    *Parietal pericardium
    *Visceral -on surface of heart

    • *Parietal pericardium-surrounding heart
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  22. Abdominopelvic Cavity
    *Abdominal Cavity
    *Perlvic Cavity
    *Abdominal Cavity-superior

    • *Pelvic Cavity-inferior
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  23. Regions of the Abdominopelvic Cavity
    *largest cavity, it is divided

    *2 sagittal/2 horizontal planes

    • *9 regions 
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  24. Abdominopelvic Quadrants
    • *Abdominopelvic Quadrant cavity can also be divided into 4 quadrants
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